Marvel will release 'Trouble #1: The Second Chances Edition'

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[Trouble #1]In an effort to meet the expected high-demand for Mark (THE ULTIMATES) Millar and Terry Dodson's TROUBLE #1, the July 2nd debut issue of the debut series in its EPIC Comics line, Marvel has officially decided to make an exception to its long-standing policy of not reprinting single issues by offering comic readers a second edition of this much-anticipated issue.

Called TROUBLE #1: THE 'SECOND CHANCES' EDITION (MAY035051 D, $2.99, MARVEL PG+), this additional printing will feature the same interior contents, but with a full-color, illustrated cover by artist Frank (LIBERTY MEADOWS) Cho, replacing the initial printing's photo cover by French photographer Phillippe Biabolos.

TROUBLE #1: 'THE SECOND CHANCES' EDITION (MAY035051 D) can be ordered by retailers now and will initially reach stores on 7/16. Readers and retailers are advised that quantities of this additional printing may be limited and orders allocated, so readers are encouraged to ask their local comics' retailer to reserve a copy.

However, Marvel will continue to take orders on the 'SECOND CHANCES' EDITION through 7/10, and if reader demand is sufficient, may go back to press again to make additional copies available on 7/30, one week before TROUBLE #2 will reach comic shops.

"Since most of the big twists on this book were held back until the very last minute, both Marvel and I appreciate that it might be hotter than anyone expected and not everyone's actually going to get it in time," said writer Mark Millar. "Superman: Red Son took everyone by surprise too and was sold out in most places inside 24 hours. Unfortunately, DC chose not to reprint it so I'm especially pleased at the idea of a second edition that means people can actually get their hands on TROUBLE #1 before some greedy, little sod hawks it on eBay or whatever for five times what it's actually worth."

As previously announced, this second offering of a hot Marvel book will help the publisher gauge the potential for future - although extremely rare -exceptions to its no-reprint policy.

"We'll use this opportunity to learn from our positive experiences andmistakes," Marvel's President & COO Jemas said in a press conference earlierthis month. "The retailers we have spoken to feel this is the right approachfor this kind of book. There's a lot of people who don't want to go back tomonthly comic books as pamphlets; they like the collectibility of them.Others don't. I think that everybody on both sides of the fence agrees that,with a project like this, we're better off by making the first edition toorder, and reprinting [the book] with an alternate cover."

Jemas also pointed out that, while the 'SECOND CHANCES' EDITION will featurean alternate cover, Marvel wouldn't use this opportunity to begin producingvariant covers for titles that do not warrant them. "I really don't likeforcing people to buy two copies of the same book. We're really hoping thatthe additional books will be for readers that missed their chance at pickingup the first issue."

Written by Millar and illustrated by Dodson, TROUBLE #1 is the first chapterin a five-part limited series that introduces readers to four teenagers -May, Mary, Ben, and Richard - who enjoy a summer of love and romance, onlyto face serious consequences afterwards, including pregnancy.

Jemas has stated that the series also "sounds like it's going to be theorigin of Peter Parker."

"Over a year ago," explained Jemas, "this project was called 'Parents',because at its inception, it was intended to tell the story of PeterParker's conception. But when the creative team got to work, the story tookon a life of its own, with the focus changing from being on the baby to thefour teenagers who are living the life of teenagers. Now the story revolvesaround two heroes named May and Mary, who make enormous sacrifices in doingwhat they consider to be the right thing to do. And we shifted the name ofthe book from 'Parents' to TROUBLE to reflect that.

"This is a very good book, and I think it's going to turn out to be a greatseries overall. It stands on its own, notwithstanding Spider-Man. Whichstill leaves the question: Is this the origin of Spider-Man? And I'll giveyou the honest answer to that question - right now, we don't know. I don'tthink the answer to that question should be up to me or Joe [Quesada], orMark [Millar], or [Marvel Comics Senior Editor] Axel [Alonso]. The finalanswer to that question ought to come from the comic book community itself."

Check out your favorite comics website to view a six-page preview of TROUBLE #1, and look for a review of TROUBLE #1 in this week's ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY!

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