Marvel's Alternate Reality What If? Comic Being Adapted for TV

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Marvel's What If? comic book series has found new life in the form of an animated TV series for Disney's upcoming Disney+ streaming service.

The series will explore an alternate history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe fans know already and love, /Film reports. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige will oversee the project, although none of the stories depicted in the show will be considered canonical to the MCU proper.

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First published in 1977, Marvel's What If? stories were narrated by Uatu the Watcher, who would describe specific events from the main Marvel Universe before exploring the potential ripple effects caused by changes to those events. In fact, the Disney+ series will even feature an episode that adapts the popular 1984 What If? #47 story "What If Loki Found Thor's Hammer First," by Peter Gillis, Kelley Jones, Sam de la Rosa and Bob Sharen.

It's possible some MCU actors could lend their voices to their animated counterparts for the series, as well. Furthermore, the report suggests that, much like the comic book source material, the show will be an anthology-style series, with each episode telling a standalone story.

At this time, there is no release date for Marvel's What If? series.

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