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Hey, True Believer!

As you may have noticed, over the past few months we've slowly but surely increased our production of comic books, trade paperbacks and hardcovers. We quickly realized that we needed more help bringing you the latest exploits of your favorite heroes. So, much like the line-up of the Avengers, the old order hath changed here at Marvel! Therefore, let me be the first to welcome these fine folks:

Leslie Arredondo

Editorial Assistant

(Standing beside managing editor David Bogart & editor in chief JoeQuesada!)

Paul Azatec

Digital Compositor

(Working in the world famous Marvel Bullpen!)

Jennifer Beemish

Trade Books Sales Manager

(Bringing trades to a bookstore near you!)

Jennifer Grunwald

Trade Paperbacks Assistant

(Keeping those cool collections coming!)

Gamal Hennessy

International Publishing Manager

(Reaching out to friends around the world!)

Erin Koops

Business Analyst

(Making sure our beans are correctly counted!)

Corey Sedlmeier

Assistant Editor/Special Projects Coordinator

(Crafting everything from hardcovers to custom comics!)

James Shapeux

Trade Paperbacks Assistant

(Supporting the collections crew!)

Nova Suma

Assistant Editor

(Helping Mike Marts & Mike Raicht with those mighty mutants!)

Joseph Zerbo

Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications

(Forming a tenacious tag-team with yours truly!)

So, in the words of the X-Men: Welcome to The House, folks... hope yousurvive the experience!

Your Man @ Marvel,

Bill Rosemann

Marketing Communications Manager

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