10 Questions About Weapon Plus We Need Marvel To Answer

There are plenty of reasons to love Marvel, which explains why the company's output is so popular in the first place. Be it the beautiful artwork, the compelling storylines, or fascinating characters, Marvel Comics truly is a force to be reckoned with and spawned a cinematic universe that is beloved by millions of people around the world.

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Over the years, Marvel hasn't been shy when it comes to providing readers with several entities that, one way or another, triggered some of the most important events of its history. Many of the defining characters of the franchise are humans who became something else through methods anyone would consider less than ideal - one of these programs is Weapon Plus, that is in the genesis of Captain America himself.

With the recent announcement that it's about to launch Weapon Plus #1, which will unite Captain American and Wolverine and shed more light on the mysterious program, it's time we lay down 10 questions we really need Marvel to answer.

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When it comes to the number of weapons that came out of the Weapon Plus program, we surely cannot complain. While some of them achieved an incredibly prominent status within the Marvel universe (Captain America and Wolverine are only two of the most popular characters of all time in the world of comic books), others are more unknown.

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We know that Weapon I is Captain America, Weapon II is an experiment on animals, and Weapon III is the Skinless Man. Weapons IV, V, and VI are a little bit of a mystery, though. We know it has something to do with using criminals from ethnic minorities as test subjects, but that's about it. Did anything come out of it? Do we know who they are?


Much like what we just mentioned when it comes to Weapons IV, V, and VI, little is known about Weapons VII and IX. With a program of such huge importance for Marvel, it would be expected that they would disclose a little more about the results of Weapon Plus. Hopefully, they're just saving these storylines for a rainy day, and we'll finally be able to know a little more.

For now, all that has been revealed about Weapon VIII and Weapon IX (the ones that preceded Wolverine himself, or Weapon X), is that they were the result of experiments made on criminals and psychopaths. Reportedly, Weapon IX was even supposed to be Wade Wilson, Deadpool himself. However, very little is known about any of this so...answers, please!



Weapon X was of major importance for Marvel. After all, Wolverine remains, to this day, one of the most paramount characters from the franchise. His popularity is undeniable, and not just for supporters of the mutants - simply for fans in general. So obviously, everyone is going to be left wondering what the next experiment, Weapon XI, would bring to the table.

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These are some tough shoes to fill, which is probably why we know absolutely nothing about Weapon XI. Not a single soul has been identified as carrying this designation, which is odd, considering we have weapons that follow. What does this mean for the program? What will it mean for Wolverine and Cap? Can we expect this to play a significant role in the future?


It's of common understanding that the Weapon Plus program established its roots in 1945 when Professor Thornton was in charge of creating super-soldiers. It was all sponsored by the American Government, and it was based on Project Rebirth, the one and same that blessed us with the gem that is Captain America. We also know that the Weapon X Program gained a life of its own, but it was built under an agreement between the CIA and the Canadian Government.

Over the years, there hasn't been one clear boss calling the shots, but rather an amalgamation of scientists stealing folders from each other and making their own experiments. A question that lingers is, who were those people? And most importantly, who's calling the shots now? Are Governments still involved, or is it anyone's game?


After Weapon X, and the mystery that is Weapon XI, the Weapon Plus program continued on its legacy of experimenting on humans to create absolute killing machines. Huntsman was Weapon XII, Fantomex was Weapon XIII (more on that later), Weapon XIV were the clones Stepford Cuckoos, Weapon XV the Ultimaton, and Weapon XVI was the Allgod.

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As time moved forward, experiments adopted increasingly severe methods, thus creating increasingly powerful weapons and entities. Therefore, one of the most pressing questions related to the Weapon Plus program is definitely whether or not there will be a Weapon XVII. What powers can we expect? Will it be a huge game changer?


Super-Soldier Serum

The super soldier serum has been an incredibly crucial part of the Marvel Universe. It's been around since the 40s when the American Government was desperate to create human weapons that would ensure the war against Germany would be won. While Captain America was the first truly successful experiment, there was a lot of trial and error involved before it could eventually happen.

Evidently, the serum (or rather, the processes involved in creating a super-soldier) are incredibly powerful and of interest to pretty much anyone. However, the original formula used on Cap was lost, and although many tried to replicate it exactly, they failed. The question still lingers - what's the formula that created Weapon Plus' first graduate?


It's pretty obvious that Captain America and Wolverine share a very important thing - the genesis of their powers. It was thanks to the Weapon Plus program that Steve Rogers became a super soldier and James Howlett became Wolverine. With Cap being graduate number one, and Wolverine being graduate number ten, we already know there's something there.

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However, we want to know more. The relationship between the two goes back to before Logan even became the mutant he is today, and the two clearly respect each other, even after a few disagreements. What is it that will bring these two together in Weapon Plus #1? What events will transpire that require the two meet again? Where is the connection, and how does Weapon Plus fit in?


It's more than clear that Weapon Plus #1 is focused on the program. Not only is it named after it, but the stars of the show are Weapon I, Weapon X, and Weapon XIII. So, it's safe to assume that the Weapon Plus program will play some sort of role in the upcoming comic. However, it's quite unclear exactly what this means.

It would be quite interesting to see Captain America and Wolverine dive into the origins of the program that made them and reveal some hidden secrets and motivations behind it. Is it possible that they will discover new facts that we never even dreamed about? Will this open the door for more Weapon Plus graduates, or will they simply destroy everything?


If there's one thing Marvel knows how to do just right is marketing. In preparation for the launch of Weapon Plus #1, the company gave us a few previews of what's inside the comic and tweeted a series of confidential documents that gave us a little taste of what we can expect - one was about Captain America, one was about Wolverine, and one was about Weapon XII - or rather, Fantomex.

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Charlie Cluster-7, believed to be French due to his heavy accent, is the result of experiments with technological-human hybrids. He was the one who led Wolverine into learning about his genesis and has a personal vendetta against the Weapon Plus program. So it's interesting to wonder what his role will be now. Is he the designated villain? Or, perhaps something more?


Even though it's responsible for the creation of such paramount characters, the Weapon Plus program has remained relatively untouched by the comics. Yes, we know a few things, but that doesn't mean we aren't left wanting more, especially because there's the feeling that storylines involving Weapon Plus have so much potential.

What is the future of Weapon Plus? What can we expect to happen from here on? There's the possibility that it will be eradicated forever, but there's also the chance it will be used for good. What will happen, and what part will Captain America and Wolverine play? We can't wait to find out!

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