Marvel's Weapon H Goes SNIKT in Exclusive First Issue Preview

Look out, bub -- Weapon H is coming to the Marvel Universe, and he's not looking to make friends.

In March, readers will get to know Marvel's newest hero, a man named Clay who was experimented on by the modern incarnation of the Weapon X program. The scientists involved spliced Clay's DNA with samples from Amadeus Cho (the Totally Awesome Hulk) and the late Wolverine, creating a new-era super-soldier. During the course of the recent "Weapons of Mutant Destruction" mini-event, Weapon H was born, fought numerous Marvel heroes to a draw, and re-asserted himself over the brainwashing the Weapon X program forced on him. Now his own man, he'll set out to make a name for himself in his own ongoing series.

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Writer Greg Pak assures CBR that his and artist Cory Smith's new series starring the Hulk-Wolverine hybrid will offer fans the chance to see iconic aspects of the core characters explored from a whole new angle. "The big danger of both Wolverine and the Hulk is, traditionally, that they can lose control, go berserk. But Clay was chosen for this procedure because he has intense military discipline," Pak told us in a recent interview. "The idea is that he's the perfect weapon because he can control this tremendous power. But now Clay's free from Weapon X -- so the question is what a person with this tremendous discipline is going to do with this terrifying power?"

Weapon H #1, from Greg Pak and Cory Smith, arrives in March. Check out CBR's exclusive preview below.

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