Is Marvel Giving Weapon H His Own Planet Hulk?

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Marvel's Planet Hulk and Weapon H comics.

Marvel's Planet Hulk is one of the publisher's most popular storylines starring the jade giant of all time, being adapted into an animated movie, inspiring a sequel, and inspiring a large part of Thor: Ragnarok. The brainchild of Greg Pak and artists Carlo Pagulayan and Aaron Lopresti, the 2006-2007 tale focused on what happened when Hulk was exiled to an alien planet, Sakaar, where he had to learn to survive as a gladiator before taking the planet back from the evil Red King and freeing its people.

As "War on Weirdworld,"the latest Weapon H arc, unfolds, it appears to be a conscious reimagining of the infamous Hulk event. With Pak on this title, it's no coincidence he's crafting a similar tale, and even though he's using a very different Hulk, it still keeps the main theme of Planet Hulk firmly intact: Rebellion.

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A Gamma Rebel Leader Rises

Weapon H deals with Clay, a former mercenary who was experimented on and become a hybrid of Hulk and Wolverine, aka, the perfect killing machine. After escaping the program, he was captured by Roxxon, only for his wife Sonia to track him down and free him. When she did, a portal broke open to Weirdworld and now Clayton, on Captain America's request, is trying to help the company seal the breach.

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Similar to Hulk on Sakaar, Clay is reluctant to take on the mantle but recognizes he needs to do it for the greater good. He has to prevent monsters, namely the Skrullduggers, from coming across to Earth, while protecting the innocents on the other side from Roxxon. When he gets there, the Inaku tribe even views him as a leader, just like Hulk became on Sakaar. He even wins over the Inaku's leader Hara, who's pretty similar to Planet Hulk's Caiera, who here eventually comes around to fight alongside Clay.

There's An Evil King To Take Down

In Planet Hulk, Hulk had to overthrow an evil ruler called the Red King. He made the lower-class suffer while the elites enjoyed their gladiator battles, but the real crime was that he was using these fights to eliminate his rivals and possible rebels. Hulk recognized he was consolidating power, and that helped him rise up, uniting various species in an alliance. Sadly, the Red King was a true monster, even willing to sacrifice his own kind to retain power.

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Weapon H has a similar despot to deal with in Roxxon CEO, Dario Agger (aka the Minotaur). Not only has he been experimenting on people on Earth, it seems he's been sending his minions over to slaughter and colonize Weirdworld. This became obvious in Issue #9 when Clay found a Roxxon unit harnessing magical energy from an imprisoned Morgan le Fay (similar to how the Red King tried to harness Sakaar's Old Power), leaving the "Hulkverine" even more suspicious of Roxxon's intentions there. Agger clearly wants to rule Weirdworld, and use its resources to strengthen his empire back home.

"Wolverhulk" Has His Own Warbound

One of the best aspects of Planet Hulk was Hulk's close circle, the Warbound. It originated with his fellow gladiators and along the way, a few more faces enlisted. Among them were Miek, Caiera, Elloe, Hiroim, No-Name of the Brood, and Korg, and they helped him stage his coup against the Red King. They were fierce, loyal and truly fought for liberation of all species on Sakaar.

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Clay has his own crew like this, made somewhat official with Korg in the ranks. The alien thought it was Hulk Roxxon was holding, and when he came over to rescue his friend, he got sucked into Weirdworld. As for the rest, there's also a Brood-human hybrid named Blake, Man-Thing, the powerhouse called Titania, Angel (a Roxxon operative) and, of course, Hara, who have allied with Weapon H to save Weirdworld. They're clearly a work-in-progress, but Clay seems to trust them to get the job done - one could almost say the groups has become... warbound.

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