Marvel Unveils War of the Realms International Variants

With the upcoming Marvel crossover event War of the Realms debuting in less than two weeks, Marvel has released a line of variant covers teasing a battle of global proportions.

Boasting a lineup of international artists, the line of variant covers for the core series features settings reflecting each of the respective artists' backgrounds. The artists for the international variants include Humberto Ramos, David Lopez, Sean Izaakse, Billy Tan, David Yardin and Luke Ross.

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Ramos' cover shows Ms. Marvel, Wolverine and Spider-Man defending New York's Statue of Liberty from Dark Elves, while Lopez's variant has Iron Man, the Invisible Woman and Blade similarly defending Paris' Eiffel Tower. Black Panther looms as Africa's protector on Izaakse's cover, joined by Hawkeye, Human Torch and Daredevil against a horde of Frost Giants. Billy Tan pits Captain America, Black Widow, Doctor Strange and China's own Shang-Chi in defense of the Great Wall on his variant. David Yardin's variant goes to a land down under as Captain Marvel, the Thing and the Punisher fight Fire Giants above the Sydney Opera House. Finally, Luke Ross' cover shows South America under attack, defended by Venom, She-Hulk and Thor.

With all of Earth being invaded by Malekith's forces from the other realms, the planet's heroes must scatter around the world if they hope to drive the invaders out.

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Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman's War of the Realms #1 is scheduled to go on sale April 3 from Marvel Comics.

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