10 Questions We Have Following Marvel's War of the Realms

War of the Realms is one of the biggest events to hit Marvel in recent years. All of the buildup occurred within Thor's plots, of course. But it quickly spiraled out of control – pulling in almost every major Marvel character into the fray. The total issue count was well into the double digits – especially when one counts all of the tie-in issues coming from individual series. And despite all of this coverage, many of us fans still have questions about the major event.

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This article includes spoilers for Marvel's War of the Realms. Read at your own risk.

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10 How Many People Were Lost?

The events that transpired during the War of the Realms were major – and highly destructive. The very first issue of War of the Realms showed New York looking a bit worse for wear. Doctor Strange was able to pull all the survivors out, but how many died before that point?

And that's not even taking other cities into account. We know that each continent on earth was taken over by a different ally of Malekith's. And it doesn't seem likely that they'd just let the humans keep going on about their business. So what's the damage? Will we ever get shown the cleanup, or get an idea of the true cost of this war?

9 What's Next for Jane Foster?

Jane Foster went through quite a lot during the War of the Realms. She was involved in the buildup of this plot – actively fighting Malekith as the Mighty Thor. But she had to give up that mantle (for several reasons).

Then the war broke out, and she saw everything she had been fighting for put at risk. So once again she put her life on the line. And that may have left her changed for good this time around. The last panel featuring her certainly seemed to indicate that something was going on there. But...what?

8 Will The Valkyries Return?

One of the many downsides to major character death is that sometimes it doesn't have the impact we'd like. Thanks to the revolving door in comics, we usually assume that the character will make their way back to the living at some point, one way or another.

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So, will that happen with the Valkyries? They don't exactly have their own series, but they still play a fairly important role to the Asgardians. Then again, Asgard was never truly brought back, not yet at least. So who knows?

7 How is Loki Going to Handle This?

Let's be clear here; Loki was no innocent during the War of the Realms. He played his part in this event, and he played it well. Sure, he had his own reasons for doing what he did. He always does. But that doesn't change that he did some pretty horrible things.

Or that some pretty horrible things happened to him. Most people would be severely traumatized by what happened. And Loki certainly didn't seem...happy by the end of things. But will this change his character at all? Will he be bitter and broken, or will he learn from this?

6 Will Laussa Remain Relevant?

Little Laussa is one of those classic goddess characters with a complex family history. She's the daughter of Odin and Freyja – but she's also the daughter of Sindr (long story). She's made appearances here and there throughout Marvel plots. And she once again made an appearance during War of the Realms. In fact, that's where we learned this fun new fact about her parentage.

The question is, will they actually do anything with this revelation? It seems like they spent a lot of time developing her side of the story – she got her own miniseries, after all. So it'd be a waste to just drop it. But we have no idea where they'd go from here.

5 What's Going on With She-Hulk?

Another question we find ourselves asking; what is going on with She-Hulk? Both the Avengers and the War of the Realms series have spent time building up certain parts of her character. Specifically, how her time spent as the Hulk has been changing.

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However, She-Hulk doesn't currently have her own series (which is a shame). So the only way we're going to get any answers about what is happening to her is through another series. Will they do this? Or is this going to be another loose end we have to deal with?

4 What's Going on With Venom?

If you've been following the War of the Realms plot arc, chances are good that you're wondering what they're going to be doing with Venom's character. As a reminder, Malekith managed to get his hands on Venom, and it would appear that this is going to result in some long-lasting effects on Venom's character.

This plot put Venom through the wringer, but it also potentially set him on a new path; one where he's fully healthy once again. And his last words leave us wondering what he plans to do about that...

3 Will There Be Ramifications for Malekith's Allies?

Malekith had no limit when it came to finding allies during the War of the Realms. Unfortunately, some of those allies were from Earth. They're traitors through and through, but will we see any ramifications for this?

The company Roxxon (and everybody associated with it) have been getting away with crazy levels of plotting, but it seems likely that they crossed a line during the war. Assuming anybody even thinks to look to place blame on them. It'd be satisfying to see the human allies face some consequences for their actions.

2 Will the Fallen Stay Down?

With an event this major, you just know that characters are going to end up dying. Countless unnamed characters died, but plenty of named characters also fell during the War of the Realms. We talked about the Valkyries already, but they weren't the only ones who fell defending Midgard.

So will Marvel keep these characters dead, or will they be getting brought back at some point in the near future? We could see this vary depending on the characters being talked about...so it'll be interesting to see how individual series handle this issue.

1 What's Next for Thor?

If you've been keeping an eye on impending comic releases, then you already know that Thor's journey continues in a new series titled King Thor. The title suits his character well. Thor has gone through a lot these past few years. He found himself unworthy, he lost an arm, an eye, and so much more along the way. But he never stopped fighting. Now we've seen him come into his own once again, and all because of this war Malekith started.

So, we have to wonder. What will be next for Thor? We already know that Thor lives to a ripe old age – courtesy of Jason Aaron's preference for jumping around the timeline. But we don't know what will happen to Thor along the way. Or how he's going to handle his new title (at first).

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