Jason Aaron Drafts the Marvel Universe Into a War of the Realms

One of the things that makes the Marvel Universe so fascinating is how the modern world exists side by side with the fantastic and the mythical. The collision point between those worlds is where stories happen, of course, and sometimes those collisions are so big, they're capable of shattering multiple worlds, placing the lives of billions at risk. Such a collision happens this April when Marvel's War of the Realms event kicks off, and hordes of monstrous creatures and armies straight out of Norse myth will invade Earth.

The Mighty Thor creative team of Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman is hard at work finishing the main War of the Realms miniseries, the culmination of a story Aaron began building in 2013's Thor:God of Thunder #13 where he and Ron Garney reintroduced the villainous Malekith to Thor's world. Since then, the scheming Dark Elf has built up an alliance that has been conquering the worlds of Asgard. When War of Realms begins in April, the only world left for Malekith and his Dark Council to take down is Midgard... and its legions of heroes.

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Thor will, of course, be one of the heroes trying to thwart the invasion, but he won't stand alone. CBR spoke with Aaron about developing War of Realms and what readers can expect from the event, especially now that Wolverine and the Fantastic Four are back in play.

CBR: You've been building to War of the Realms for six years now; how does it feel to finally reach this point?

Jason Aaron: It feels good to finally reach this point. It is a little bittersweet though, because it means I'm almost to the end of my Thor run.

All this time, I've been building towards this very specific story. It started as just a big Thor story. Then I was writing Avengers. So I figured it was a Thor and Avengers story. Then at one of our editorial retreats Tom Brevoort asked, “Why don't we make this our next event?” The scope was right for it to be an event and the tracks had been laid. So it was just a matter of figuring out what everything looked like and the schedule.

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This story was always going to be a huge epic that involved everybody, but becoming an event gave me an opportunity to give bigger roles to characters like Daredevil and the Punisher. So that was really exciting.

The core “Thor-ness” of it is still there, though. The story has just got bigger in terms of how it's presented. This sprang from the pages of Thor and it involves more than Just Thor himself. It involves Jane Foster, Freyja, Loki, Odin, and a lot of other characters we built up in the book over the years.

You don't have to have read the previous six years worth of those stories to understand Thor's role in all of this, though. I've been building towards this invasion for six years, but the inciting incident is still in the first issue of War of the Realms. This part of the story really begins when all these fearsome otherworldly monsters show up in New York City. So even if you haven't seen how the war has spread from realm to realm over the last years, you can pick up the moment of the invasion hitting our shores and go from there.

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