The 10 Craziest Things That Happened During Marvel’s War of the Realms

Avengers: Infinity War is accepted as the most ambitious crossover war seen in the Marvel Universe, with the final Battle of Earth in Avengers: Endgame seen as the crowning moment of awesome. However, comic book fans might scoff at it after reading “War of the Realms”.

This storyline was truly expansive, as we had every active superhero take part in the war that spanned across the ten realms. Malekith (movie fans will remember him from Thor: The Dark World) was out to conquer everything in the realms, leading to an all-out war in the universe. Here are the 10 craziest things that happened in this story.

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10 The Dark Bifrost Bridge

The trump card of the Asgardians has always been the Bifrost Bridge, a way for them to teleport anywhere in the realms across the Ygradissel tree. The Bifrost Bridge is the main advantage they have in protecting the realm; however, this advantage was snatched away.

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At the beginning of the story, Malekith arrived in Asgard - a seemingly impossible achievement, only these guys reveal they have their own Bifrost now. This was known as the Dark Bifrost Bridge, one that Malekith intended to use to conquer Midgard.

9 Loki Saves Frigga But Gets Eaten

Loki’s first appearance in the story was shown as when he arrived to warn Thor while being gravely wounded, only to reveal himself as Malekith and capture the God of Thunder. The real Loki was still out there, though, and made his presence known in the nick of time.

He intervened in the fight between Frigga and Laufey, mere seconds before the latter was about to eat Loki’s mother. Being the devoted son, Loki battled Malekith and Laufey. Unfortunately, the superhero save ran its course, and Loki was devoured by Laufey.

8 Daredevil Fixes The Bifrost Bridge

Comic book fans like to play up their favorite characters, implying that they are way more than they actually are but Daredevil blew our minds away when he took over Heimdall’s job at the Bifrost Bridge.

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Since the bridge was damaged, it required Daredevil to take Heimdall’s sword and hold it in place and fix it, thus allowing the other heroes passage into the fight. Daredevil even kept at it for a long time before the toll inevitably took over him and caused him to lose his grip.

7 Jane Becomes All Mother

Jane Foster is having a rad time in the Marvel Universe and has been for the last couple years as we saw her firstly become the Mighty Thor by being worthy of Mjolnir, and now we have her taking over the position Frigga previously occupied - the All Mother of the realms.

This happened when Frigga deemed Jane as the rightful protector of the people, as she was seen helping evacuate civilians away from the battles and then assisted Valkyrie in killing the War Witches. Once Valkyrie herself died, Jane would then become the leader of the Valkyrie race.

6 Venom Symbiote Gets Absorbed

People love to create fantasy match-ups and events in the comic book landscape, as the characters are so different in powers and physiologies that it is something to think about. We had one of these fulfilled when we saw the Venom symbiote be assimilated by Malekith.

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As part of the War Avengers, the symbiote attempted to fight Malekith off but proved to be inferior in battle, although it had its immense uses as Malekith became something of a monster when he went ahead and bonded with the symbiote!

5 Iron Man's Uru/Vibranium Armor

A heated debate between film fans after Avengers: Endgame was the argument whether Iron Man’s nanotech Infinity Gauntlet was superior to the Uru metal the original Gauntlet was made of. We have our answer here in the “War of the Realms” story, where Tony Stark got his hands on the Uru armor.

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He realized this material was the greatest one they could find in the realms, and crafted armor for Odin to wear against Malekith, comprising of uru and vibranium. How did Tony get these materials, you ask? That would be from Shuri and Screwbeard the Dwarf.

4 Captain America And Captain Britain Team-Up

A fun fact is that Captain Britain would usually be seen in Captain America stories in the first decade he was around, before becoming part of the overall Marvel Universe. As such, we’ve seen these two team up numerous times, but there was still the fanboy moment for fans in this story where we saw them go at it.

The reason why this satisfied our nerd fantasies was because the two icons were paired in London, where they fought off Dark Elves. It’s one thing to see these guys fight country-based foes, but when it comes to fighting ancient aliens, you bet we were fanboying our heads off.

3 Thor Goes To The Sun

It’s time for the real crazy stuff to start, and here we have the craziest of crazies: Thor went to the sun. He didn’t just go for kicks, though, as his mission was to unlock how to beat Malekith.

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This led to Thor and Daredevil (remember he was navigating the Bifrost?) to head over to the sun, where Thor ordered Daredevil to pin him to the Ygradisil tree so that he wouldn’t have any escape until he learned the secret he was there to find.

2 Multiple Thors

What was that big secret Thor had to unlock? That would be finding multiple versions of himself to lead them into battle. Thor got the solution straight after he figured this out as well, as a time portal appeared before him and out stepped a version of him called King Thor.

Knowing that the present Thor was on his way to becoming him, King Thor takes the present one way back into the 6th century to get the much younger Thor to join them in battle. They were then joined by Jane Foster, who unlocked her Thor powers by using the Mjolnir of Ultimate Thor - the group collectively became the ‘Thor Corps.’

1 Thor Becomes All-Father

As one would expect, all works out at the end of the story (although there were several scores of casualties along the way), and the heroes came out on top. This was possible because of the death of Malekith, who was savaged by the Wild Hunt Hounds.

One final crazy moment awaited us at the end, though, which was the reveal that Odin was no longer going to be the All-Father, leaving Thor as the rightful person to take over the mantle. And so, the God of Thunder is now your new All-Father of the ten realms.

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