Marvel's Just Waiting on the Phone Call that Gives It the X-Men/FF Rights

X-Men Fantastic Four Disney deal

Kevin Feige revealed he is waiting on that all important phone call on whether the X-Men and Fantastic Four can join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Since the MCU started back in 2008, fans have patiently waited for the likes of Reed Richards and Wolverine to suit up alongside the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. As Feige prepares to wrap Phase 4 with next year's Avengers 4, the slate of Marvel movies could include the two fan-favorite teams and expand Disney's upcoming roster of movies even further.

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While discussing the two world's colliding, The Wrap's Umberto Gonzalez posted on Twitter Feige's comments regarding the possibility of the X-Men and Fantastic Four officially joining the MCU.

Feige's words imply a decision may be just around the corner, are far from a guarantee Disney will actually acquire Fox's film properties. While the future may be uncertain, the X-Men are next due to star in Simon Kinberg's X-Men: Dark Phoenix and the Fantastic Four are currently in limbo following Josh Trank's maligned Fant4stic from 2015.

The news of a Fox-Disney merger grabbed headlines last year, however, the deal was thrown into doubt by the involvement of Comcast. Disney looked to be primed to obtain the rights to the missing Marvel characters, but Comcast's recent cash bid of $60 billion complicated the situation.

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Even if Deadpool 2, Dark Phoenix and New Mutants are to be the last of the current X-Men era of films, Feige has said the MCU isn't ready to introduce mutants into its movies. That being said, with Disney already mapping out its Marvel movies for 2025, talks of the X-Men and Fantastic Four integrating alongside heroes like Iron Man, Thor and Captain America have undoubtedly taken place. Whether Feige manages to net the Marvel favorites under the MCU umbrella remains to be seen, but at least he isn't ruling out the Fox-Disney merger just yet.

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