Marvel's Vision Sequel Miniseries Canceled

The Vision is no more, as Marvel cancels the miniseries from Chelsea Cain, Marc Mohan and Aud Koch in a surprising move.

Rumors began circulating earlier in the day that Marvel Comics was no longer publishing the previously announced Vision miniseries, and while the publisher has yet to confirm the reports, writer Chelsea Cain has taken to social media to do just that. The Vision, which was announced two months ago, was meant to be a six-issue series that would mark Cain's return to Marvel following the cancellation of her Mockingbird series. It was also expected to pick up where Tom King and Gabriel Walta’s acclaimed title left off.

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The reason behind the cancellation has not yet been announced, but according to Cain, the first four issues had already been turned in prior to the decision, following two years of hard work. It remains to be seen whether Marvel explains the reasoning behind the sudden cancellation, but Cain's tweets make it very clear that the choice was in no way hers.

Cain, of course, was the center of unwarranted harassment on social media back in 2016 due to her Mockingbird series. Most of the harassment was the result of Cain's subsequent call for more female-driven comics at Marvel, as well as Bobbi's now famous "Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda" t-shirt from the final issue's cover, which, in turn, sparked an online movement of its own in #IStandWithChelsea.

Chelsea Cain, Marc Mohan and Aud Koch's take on Vision was expected to launch this November.

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Cain currently pens the Image-published series Man-Eaters, along with Mockingbird creative partner, artist Kate Niemczyk.

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