16 Marvel Villains Who Would Destroy The Justice League

Doom Superman

DCEU's main superhero squad is still developing but this November, we expect them to be very badass in Justice League. Following the events of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Batman and Wonder Woman started assembling superheroes to fight an impending threat, which it turns out will be Steppenwolf -- Darkseid's general who will be leading the first wave of attack from Apokolips. So far, they have added Cyborg, Flash and Aquaman. Superman, who died in BvS, is expected to return from the grave and round the team out to something we're more familiar with from the comics, cartoons and animated movies. Sounds like quite a powerhouse lineup, right?

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Well, in terms of villains, the DCEU has given us Joker, the Enchantress and her brother Incubus (both seen in Suicide Squad), and Lex Luthor to name a few. However, Zack Snyder's Doomsday and the Kryptonian army that Zod led are the only ones we think mounted a really major challenge. Marvel, however, has a vast array of supervillains (which hopefully Marvel Studios and Fox fully exploit someday) who we think can obliterate the Justice League and prove to be more destructive than DC's current stable of despots. CBR decided to look at 16 of these schemers and deviants who could OWN the Justice League.

SPOILER WARNING: Potential spoilers ahead for the DCEU movies

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In the comics, due to Kang's sinister ways of using time-travel, he had storied rivalries with Reed Richards and the Avengers. Kang also has close ties to Doom and Apocalypse, but while he may not be seen as a heavy-hitter, he's just as dangerous, relying on brains over brawn. He's been seen as an anti-hero at times too so clearly, the godlike Justice League wouldn't be in his good books.

Kang once dispatched Merlin and attempted to take over King Arthur's court, which means he's the kind of mastermind that would travel back to kill the Kents before they found Kal-El's spaceship. He would probably then raise Superman to do his bidding. Steve Trevor's crash, Aquaman's birth mother and the Mother Box used to form Cyborg would all be erased if he had the chance, making Kang just as evil as, say, Professor Zoom... but much more devious.



Ultron is more human and erratic due to his daddy issues with Hank Pym. This leaves the artificial intelligence with much more emotional idiosyncrasies, making him super-dangerous compared to other Marvel villains.We got a taste of this in the Age of Ultron comics and film. Tech is Ultron's playground so he could also easily hack Batman's tools, systems (such as Brother Eye) and overall weaponry if he saw fit, let alone taking over Cyborg.

If Batman has failsafes to take out the League, as seen in the Tower of Babel event, then consider the heroes dead. Ultron can even hack Kryptonian tech (a la Brainiac) to take out Superman, and use WMDs to attack Atlantis. This could leave Wonder Woman as the only one to fight the good fight, but he's got Ultron-bots ready for cases like her or the Flash.


Greg land mystique

Don't ever underestimate Mystique. Just ask Wolverine or any of the other X-Men. She may not be a heavy-hitter, but her cerebral nature and knack for deception is a hell of a tool in fighting for or against evil. Mystique is a femme fatale that disrupts the order of the world due to her ability to shape-shift and it usually causes quite a ruckus.

The cinematic Justice League is still quite nascent at present, but can you imagine her pretending to be the Joker and killing Lois Lane a la the Injustice universe? This would send a budding Superman off his rocker! We can see him becoming enraged, killing the jester and then incurring the wrath of the Batman. She could do the same and take out Alfred, Cyborg's father, Mera or Iris West. If you want a DCEU civil war, she's the one to call as death usually tests a hero's virtue.



Dormammu's reputation as a demonic entity makes him a strong candidate to take out the League. In the cartoons, we saw the likes of Trigon and Morgaine le Fey wreak this kind of havoc, and in the DCEU, someone who can use energy projection, matter manipulation, teleportation, possession and necromancy can up this supernatural game.

As long as he doesn't rely on bargaining, like in the Doctor Strange film, his mystical powers can easily be used to take out Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Science wouldn't be enough to cut it against him either, so consider Batman and Cyborg removed from the equation. Unless Flash gets an Eye of Agamotto to turn back time, he may not last long either, which leaves us with just Superman. How he fares against magic is yet to be seen but with the entire world enveloped by dark magic, it'll be a lot to handle.



Chances are, if he made it to the DCEU, then Lex or Max Lord would rip their skin off revealing they're actually androids created by him. This is how evil Ultimate Reed -- a.k.a. The Maker -- truly is. His descent into madness in the Ultimate universe pushed him front and center in Secret Wars, and we can see him being a mix of Lex and Tony Stark.

Reed would hack Cyborg and use his Mother Box tech to open up portals for attacks from all walks of the galaxy. He would do the same to Batman and probably partner with Brainiac to shrink Superman down to size. Poisoning the waters of Atlantis and cloaking Themyscira so that Wonder Woman never finds it again are also up his alley. With Flash, he'd probably set Iris to keep jumping through time so Flash is always busy. Calling this Reed maniacal is an understatement.


Molecule Man

Molecule Man can alter reality and shape the world as he sees fit, which is what made him such a threat in Jonathan Hickman's Secret Wars. He's mentally unstable as well, and that makes things even worse. Owen Reece (his human identity) can alter molecules, force fields, energy beams, and hyperspace portals; allowing him the ability to mold the multiverse as well.

In the past, we've seen him tied to the Cosmic Cube as well as wielding inherent abilities that match the mighty Beyonders. If he wanted to, he could erase superheroes like Superman or places like Themyscira from the history books. Cyborg's metal frame and Batman's weapons would be no match for him, and Reece could easily lodge Flash or Aquaman in portals to keep them away from battle. Molecule Man is truly a battery of chaos once he becomes unhinged.



Mephisto plays on your weaknesses, emotions and desires, which means once he can channel the very humanity within these heroes and then break them. This devil is all about deals so he can offer Superman a chance like Marvel's One More Day to bring Krypton --or Pa Kent -- back in exchange for his soul. He may do the same for Batman's parents and Wonder Woman's Steve Trevor, really testing their resolve.

Death is a big thing, so for these heroes to be offered the chance to get loved ones back, it's something they may at least consider. Mephisto is about mental attacks more than anything, so with DC's Trinity dealt with, he can also offer Cyborg his body, Barry Allen his parents back together, and as for Aquaman, maybe domain over land and sea. He also has demonic wraiths, superhuman strength, shape and size shifting, illusion generation, memory manipulation and time alteration as tools to deploy.



The Dark Phoenix is a cosmic entity that most comic book (or cartoon) fans know about. Its power is unparalleled and it's taken the Avengers and of course, the X-Men, to their limits. The creature possessing Jean Grey has also destroyed planets, meaning that galaxies could be devoured by its destructive flame.

This entity could easily take the League to space, where Superman alone might stand a chance. If the war happens on Earth, the likes of Batman and Cyborg would be overpowered. The Dark Phoenix requires the heaviest of hitters if it's to be restrained, but as of Avengers vs. X-Men, it can split its power so maybe it would simply corrupt Superman and use him to take out Earth's heroes before claiming dominion over it. This would allow him to rule the universe as the last son of Krypton.


Onslaught was formed from the dark psyches of Professor Xavier and Magneto after a psionic attack by the former on the latter. This resultant entity then proceeded to wage war on the X-Men and Avengers alike, making it his duty to take them out for good. Thank god Franklin Richards was able to store the heroes in a pocket universe during this saga.

If he attacked the DCEU, it would be with a vicious attitude similar to Zod and with a power-set that would make the Enchantress' magic look like child's play. He can easily take down the League on the astral plane, although Batman and Wonder Woman would prove mentally tough to crack. Onslaught also has telekinesis, energy projection, manipulating magnetic fields, and reality alteration in his arsenal for the other members. Onslaught can also enhance its physical size and strength, which sounds like a recipe for death!



Robert Reynolds has the "power of one million exploding suns," due to a special serum. However, as much as he's an Avenger, he has a split personality. He goes from the heroic Sentry to the dark Void, which has been viewed as cosmic, or as the biblical angel of death. After literally tearing Ares apart in Marvel's Siege, we can't see the likes of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman or Cyborg faring much better.

His power set makes him a mix of Superman, Hulk and Scarlet Witch as he has abilities of flight, super-strength, speed, invulnerability, energy projection and molecular manipulation. He can also create hurricanes and trap opponents in its tendrils, inflicting trauma and nightmares. He's an omega-level threat, who can shape molecules and return from the dead, making even Superman look like a paltry threat, at best.



The Beyonder is a powerful, reality-shaping cosmic being -- not "bad" necessarily, but certainly not good. He is above such concepts. Beyonder played a big role in Marvel's original Secret Wars drama and was recently retconned as an Inhuman-mutant hybrid, and a child locked away by the senior Beyonders (until he was freed in an accident that energized Molecule Man.).

He has the power to splinter reality and could thrust the DC heroes into a Battleworld, where heroes and villains fight each other to the death. He loves his gladiator wars and if it costs the multiverse, well... so be it. The Beyonder has the ability to even subvert these heroes and villains as he wants, which means that if the heroes take on each other, it won't be the same League members we're accustomed to. Having an evil Superman as his champion would surely spell disaster for everyone else.



Hyperion is Marvel's Superman; like, literally, he was created as a sort of Kryptonian pastiche). Recently, we saw the Marcus Milton version and his Squadron Supreme fight alongside the Avengers, but things got to a Man of Steel level as Hyperion decapitated and killed Namor, who was already in the bad books for his Wakandan attack. We have also seen more evil versions of Hyperion throughout his time at Marvel.

He's from an alternate Earth and is difficult to control at the best of times, so throwing him into the DCEU would be like the second coming of Zod, but even worse. Superman and Wonder Woman would be the only ones able to contend with him. His speed, durability and his ability to regenerate give him the edge to tackle the Kryptonian and the Amazon princess; with them gone, and the Squadron at his back, the League would be child's play.


Apocalypse shapeshifter Marvel X-Men

Apocalypse has placed the X-Men near extinction sand remains throughout all of his appearances, as one of Marvel's greatest threats. Provided he's not the version we saw in Fox's X-Men: Apocalypse, the Justice League would be in very real trouble.

Apocalypse would be able to take out Cyborg and Batman easily, although we can see Aquaman, Flash and Wonder Woman giving him a run for his money if combined in a unified force. If he rolls up with his Four Horsemen, though, that would definitely even the numbers game. With or without them, though, he has the strength to subdue the crew. Superman is the one expected to provide most resistance, but all it would take is a well-refined techno organic virus to put him on ice, or perhaps simply making Supes serve him as his new War. it worked for The Hulk!


Galactus is the devourer or worlds and the definition of chaos in the universe. He feeds on worlds and destroys species on a whim, which means that if he comes knocking on the DCEU's doors, Superman may be their only chance of surviving. Oceans and cities are gobbled up by his power, which would render the likes of Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg and Batman pretty much obsolete. Imagine if Galactus brings Silver Surfer and his other heralds with him! Surely that would ruin the League's already slim chances.

Wonder Woman, due to her godhood, may be able to put up a fight, but let's face it, he's beyond godhood so Superman could end up being the last line of defense. Given that he couldn't take out Doomsday without dying and that he struggled to beat Zod, Galactus may well prove to be in another league to the Justice Leaguer.


Doom has always been a handful, not just for the Fantastic Four, but for the Avengers as well. This is why it's so sad to see how many times Fox mishandled the character. His arrogant nature makes him so likeable though, and the thing is, despite his narcissism, he thinks he's usually doing right by mankind.

Emperor Doom (from 2015's Secret Wars) is the perfect villain, merging his mastery over both magic (to take down Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman) and science (which won't bode well for Batman or Cyborg). As for Flash, Doom can easily use his control over time travel, thus negating the much-vaunted speed force. Emperor Doom is everything Lex would like to be, and whether we like it or not, he'd do quite a great job of defending Earth from metahumans, gods or aliens... i.e., the Justice League.


thanos avengers infinity war

There's a reason Thanos is called the Mad Titan. His obsession with Lady Death means that worlds are there to be conquered and lives are meant to be taken. If he fought the cinematic Justice League, they would be in big trouble because it will once again take the DCEU's strongest to take him down.

Cyborg would get dismantled just like Vision was in the Infinity Gauntlet saga. Batman and Flash may not last past a minute, which leaves Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman to take him on. However, he won't be as easy as Snyder's Doomsday, because chances are Thanos will be rocking the Infinity Stones in the Gauntlet, granting him omnipotent power. Reality, space and time will be under his control, so he would be overpowered enough to deal with the best of the Justice League and claim a victory for the ages.

Let us know in the comments which Marvel villains you think are strong enough to take out the DCEU's Justice League!

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