10 Marvel Villains That Are Way Scarier Than Carnage

Throughout their extensive publication history, Marvel Comics has introduced audiences to some pretty horrifying characters. Whether it be in appearance, motivation, or both, there are some terrifying characters out there terrorizing the Marvel Universe. One of the scarier characters that Marvel has to offer at the moment is none other than Cletus Kasady, better known as Carnage.

With the recent launch of the Absolute Carnage event by Donny Cates and the announcement of the character’s role in the Venom (2018) sequel, Carnage is easily one of Marvel’s hottest villains. However terrifying Carnage may be though, there are still a few characters who are even more terrifying. To look at a few of those characters, here is our list of 10 Marvel Villains who are scarier than Carnage.

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10 Morbius

Morbius, the Living Vampire is a popular Spider-Man villain whose namesake reveals a lot about him. Unlike other vampires in the Marvel Universe, Morbius is a bit different. He is immune to the typical weaknesses of a vampire like garlic and silver. Sunlight can hurt him, but it won’t kill him like it would a traditional vampire.

Morbius is actually a fairly complex Spider-Man villain, often being depicted as a victim of his situation rather than evil. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Morbius has still done some pretty horrifying things. As a vampire, he has amassed quite an impressive kill count. His need to stick to the shadows also makes him a bit more terrifying. Carnage may have a scarier appearance than Morbius, but he is still a terrifying character in his own right.

9 Skinless Man

Like Blackheart, the skinless man is a lesser-known Marvel character. Originally, he was known as Harry Pizer. Harry volunteered for the same program that turned Wolverie into Weapon X. Harry, however, was Weapon III. As a result of the experiment, Harry was granted super strength and highly elastic skin. In an attempt to depower him, he was flayed, though he would survive.

Now, Harry walks around looking far more horrifying than most creatures, and arguably far more terrifying than Carnage. Though Carnage’s symbiote gives him more abilities than the Skinless Man, Carnage certainly loses out when it comes to looks.

8 Bullseye

Unlike everyone else on this list, Bullseye is the only one without any enhanced powers or abilities. In actuality, he is just an expert combatant and marksman. However, his lack of powers hasn’t stopped him from being one of the deadliest villains in Marvel History.

Like Carnage himself, Bullseye is also insane and has no issues taking a human life. At times, he has even been depicted to take great pleasure in his work. Though Carnage appears far more menacing than Bullseye, the two are on an equal level in terms of morality, making Bullseye just as scary as any other Marvel villain.

7 Green Goblin

Green Goblin is easily Spider-Man’s most persistent and deadly enemy. For years, Norman Osborne has done nothing but torment Peter Parker, even going so far as to (supposedly) kill Gwen Stacy. As Green Goblin, Norman has committed a great number of horrendous acts, many of which could be used to argue make him scarier than Carnage.

For a time, Norman even possessed the Carnage symbiote, calling himself the Red Goblin. Though he committed his largest attack against Spider-Man yet while wearing the Symbiote, the thing that makes Norman scarier than Carnage is in his persistence, power, and intelligence. With all of that combined, it is no wonder that the Green Goblin is Spider-Man’s worst foe.

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6 Venom

In recent years, Edward Brock has transitioned from a stone cold Spider-Man villain to a more relatable anti-hero. As the original Venom, Eddie’s passionate hatred for the wall-crawler has been a major driving factor for his character. The things that makes Venom arguably scarier than Carnage is in his general appearance, and in the fact that Venom is the reason Carnage exits in the first place.

With an all-black symbiote and a giant white spider on his chest, Venom looks like something straight out of a nightmare. Though Carnage’s red look certainly suits him, Venom’s sleek, gooey black appearance simply just sound more terrifying. Furthermore, the fact that Venom is Carnage’s “father” shows exactly how dangerous the symbiotes can be if hosts aren’t chosen wisely.

5 Red Skull

Johann Schmidt, the Red Skull, is easily one of the deadliest villains that Marvel has to offer. Going beyond being Captain America’s oldest enemy, Red Skull has committed acts so atrocious that he is hard to hold a candle to.

Red Skull has done things that could arguably put Carnage to shame, including murdering his own child, merging his mind with Charles Xaviers, and even ensuring Hitler’s rise to power. For every person that Carnage has killed, Red Skull has, in some way, killed far more. Between Red Skull’s kill count and even his appearance, he is certainly far scarier than Carnage.

4 Blackheart

Blackheart is a lesser-known Marvel villain and typically depicted as an enemy of Ghost Rider. The character is technically the demon son of Mephisto, one of the more powerful demons in Marvel Comics. As a result, Blackheart possesses a large array of magical abilities. Of course, he has basics like super strength and speed, but he can also alter his appearance, travel between dimensions, telekinesis, telepathy, and even dispel blasts of energy from his hands. On top of all of that, Blackheart is wildly intelligent as well.

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In terms of raw power, Blackheart easily outranks Carnage. Furthermore, his high intelligence also gives him an edge over any opponent that he may encounter. Though Carnage is far from stupid, he is certainly not one of the smartest beinngs in the Marvel Universe. Lastly, Blackhearts lack of soul makes him all the more deadly, thus, all the more scarier than Carnage.

3 Mephisto

On the subject of demons, Mephisto is easily one of the most famous and most mischievous in all of Marvel Comics. Over the years, he has been responsible for several acts such as creating Ghost Rider, taking Spider-Man’s marriage, and kidnapping the soul of Cynthia Von Doom. Like Carnage, Mephisto simply just likes the chaos that he creates, putting the two in a similar mindset.

The two characters also sport a similar look, typically in some combination of red and black. Unlike Carnage though, Mephisto possesses all of the same powers as Blackheart, and then some. He has been shown to use his power to completely alter timelines and memories, easily making him one of the most powerful beings in all of the Marvel Universe. Considering everything he can do, it is easy to see how he would be far scarier than Carnage.

2 Dormammu

Thanks to the Doctor Strange (2016) film, many are now at least vaguely familiar with Dormammu. Like in the movie, Dormammu is an incredibly powerful interdimensional being capable of destroying whole worlds. In the comics, however, Dormammu comes off as a much bigger threat.

Doctor Strange has even described Dormammu as being undefeatable, especially if he is at full power. In relation to Carnage, Dormammu is capable of far more destruction and devastation. His power also goes far beyond any of Carnage’s own capabilities, making him all the more menacing.

1 Mojo

Mojo is typically depicted as an X-Men villain. The main motivation for his character is actually entertainment. However, Mojo entertains his viewers by pitting groups of all races and worlds against each other in a death match. Furthermore, his entire species is unable to walk upright. Therefore, he uses an advanced chair that moves based on his thoughts.

Mojo is not only terrifying to look at, but arguably as insane as Carnage. The fact that he broadcasts mass murder across the galaxy for entertainment purposes shows just how vile an individual he truly is.

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