10 Supernatural Marvel Villains We Hope Appear In The MCU’s Blade Reboot

31With the recent announcement that Mahershala Ali will be playing Blade in the MCU, Marvel fans are getting hyped. It's going to be one heck of a sight, that's for sure. Although the movie is still several years off, movie fans are beginning to wonder what villains could be adapted for this new reboot.

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Although Blade doesn't have a large catalogue of enemies, there are still several supernatural villains that we would like to see, which would go perfectly with the character's dark tone. Here are our picks for the supernatural Marvel villains we hope to see in the MCU's Blade reboot.

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10 Blackout

More commonly known as a foe of Ghost Rider, this villain would be perfect for a Blade movie. Despite what his appearance may suggest, Blackout is not a vampire. He is actually a Lilin, a race of demons that were created by a more powerful demon, Lilith.

Introducing the Lilin into Blade's world of vampires would help with the world-building that the MCU is so famous for. It could even perhaps lead the way to other supernatural characters such as Ghost Rider himself showing up in the movies.

9 Varnae


Varnae, lord of vampires is one of the most powerful enemies Blade has ever faced. He is stronger than any other vampire and can move at great speeds despite his massive size. Unlike most of his kind, Varnae also has the ability to hypnotize and enslave humans using his telepathic abilities.

An enemy such as Varnae would make for a great antagonist in a feature film. His mastery over vampires, mixed with his ability to hypnotize humans, could give Blade a formidable force to fight against.

8 Lilith

Lilith is the daughter of Dracula and perhaps the most powerful vampire in Marvel comics, outside of her dad. From time to time she has appeared as a hero, often pitted against her evil father. She is also a day-walker, just like our charismatic hero Blade.

Her appearance in a Blade movie has the potential to be seriously compelling. Perhaps she could strike up an uneasy alliance with Blade to take down Dracula once and for all. If Dracula did get taken care of, it's pretty clear who would take his place. There would be no vampire more powerful than Lilith.

7 Dr. Sun

A Chinese scientist, Dr. Sun's life was spent developing Project Mind. Project Mind aimed to be able to separate a human's brain from their body --without killing him/her-- and then hooking it up to a computer. When the government came after him, he performed the experiment on himself, turning him into a dangerous weapon.

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Discovering that he needed a fresh supply of blood to keep his brain healthy, Dr. Sun began studying vampires. This brought the not-so-good doctor into conflict with Blade himself. Such a villain would be an interesting twist for a Blade villain. It would be nice for the MCU to not simply go for a generic vampire as the main baddie.

6 Baron Blood


Baron Blood is one of the oldest villains in Marvel comics. In fact, he was originally an enemy of Captain America.  After traveling to pursue his obsession, the study of vampires, John Falsworth came into conflict with the most famous vampire of them all: Dracula. Dracula turned Falsworth, who returned to his home country of England as Baron Blood.

Not only was this villain a vampire, he also left England to join the Nazis. Although we've seen many Nazi zombies in pop culture (and are about done with the cliché, if we're honest), we have yet to see many Nazi vampires. Maybe the MCU could start this trend.

5 Blackheart


A dangerous demon and the son of Mephisto, Blackheart has long been one of the most powerful supernatural threats in the Marvel universe.

Although Blade is more accustomed to fighting vampiric threats, he has battled other supernatural menaces as well. Pitting him up against a force such as Blackheart would make for an epic conclusion to the likely blockbuster hit Blade is sure to be.

4 Mephisto

mephisto in doctor strange #15

He is as close a thing the Marvel universe has to Satan. Mephisto is an extremely powerful demon, possessing great cosmic power fueled by thousands of souls. As far as supernatural villains are concerned, he is one of the best.

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Although typically coming into conflict with heroes such as Ghost Rider and Doctor Strange, Mephisto would be a great bad guy for Blade to face. In the MCU, Mephisto could perhaps be the demon that created vampires many centuries ago. Whatever the case, he is the perfect villain to be controlling things from behind the scenes.

3 Deacon Frost

Deacon Frost blood god

The vampire that bit Blade's mother. Deacon Frost was the main antagonist of the original Blade movie, and would be a great antagonist for the MCU's new reboot. Paying homage to the original franchise in this way would bring in all the fans of the original franchise, or at least any that are dubious of the MCU's new PG13 version.

Given Frost's deep personal connection to Blade's past and origin, he's going to have to show up in this new movie eventually. Hopefully they make him an intimidating baddie worthy of being the day walker's main antagonist.

2 Morbius

Morbius comic

Perhaps the most famous vampire in Marvel comics, Morbius is a fan favorite character. Although typically portrayed as a hero, Morbius has had his villainous moments. He never quite fitted in as a Spider-Man villain, but having him show up in a Blade movie would make all sorts of sense.

Sony, who owns the film rights to all Spider-Man characters, currently has a Morbius movie in the works starring Jared Leto. If said movie is a big enough success, perhaps Sony and Marvel Studios could come to an agreement and have Leto guest star in Blade? Marvel fans will be crossing their fingers hoping that is the case.

1 Dracula

There is no villain more suited for a Blade movie than Dracula himself. This villain has a long history in Marvel comics, giving Marvel Studios many great stories to choose from.

In the recently-released run of Avengers comics, the superhero team came into conflict with not only Dracula, but also his entire Kingdom of the Vampires. This Avengers-like vampire team lead by Dracula would be a great addition to the MCU, and could offer crossover opportunities between Blade and the Avengers.

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