10 Marvel Villains That Could Be Featured In The MCU's Sinister Six

Sony has been attempting to introduce the villainous team known as the Sinister Six to the Spider-Man universe for years. After many failed attempts, the MCU is perhaps giving the studio the chance to finally add this team of rogues to the franchise for the first time. The group has a long and storied history in the comics and have perhaps posed some of the greatest threats to the web-head.

If Marvel are to start their own Sinister Six, there are plenty of options in terms of team members. The MCU is littered with Spider-Man villains and there are actually a few characters who could make a surprise appearance in the team. With Spider-Man: Far From Home adding to the Spidey rogue gallery, it seems fitting that we discuss 10 MCU villains that could be featured in the Sinister Six. Warning for spoilers below!

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Prowler got his time to shine during Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. As the uncle to Mile Morales, the history of this character is interesting. This villain has a lot of complexity and is torn between the good that Spider-Man fights for as well as the crime that pays him so well. Of course, there has already been a live action version of Prowler introduced to us during Spider-Man: Homecoming played by the incredibly popular Donald Glover.

It wouldn't be too far fetched to find the MCU's Prowler join the Sinister Six. He's already had a run-in with Spidey and if he thinks that their work will make the neighborhood a better place for his nephew, the chances are he'll back whatever plot this team is creating. Prowler certainly isn't a leader but he'd be a dangerous addition; Prowler's choice of weapons were actually teased during a scene in Homecoming. What's most interesting about Prowler is that he'd also be the most likely person to betray this alliance!


Every team needs a gadget guy and there's no better recruit for that than the Tinkerer. Phineas Mason was first introduced to us as a member of the Vulture's gang. He had a brilliant mind and a clear eye for inventions, taking the mechanical and technological discoveries of alien artifacts and producing weapons from them. He's responsible, in part, for helping to create many other villains on this list.

His technical abilities resulted in the creation of the wings for the Vulture and the gauntlets for the Shocker. The Tinkerer is currently in prison, much like the rest of the Vulture gang, but it wouldn't take much to break him free. Although he may not become an official member of the Sinister Six, due to having very little combat skills, he will at least play a big part in backing up their plans with the gadgets and gizmos needed for their missions. We'll probably even get to see upgraded suits, courtesy of this genius.


Speaking of the winged menace, the Vulture seems like he has prime leadership potential. Adrian Toomes has already created his own criminal gang, who sold illegal weapons from alien technology. His Vulture suit was incredibly useful for the heists that he and his crew used to undertake, to salvage these valuable pieces of hardware.

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Toomes is also in prison due to Spidey's interference, which gives him a great motive to create this team. Although he would never reveal the identity of the web-head, this is already too late as the world now knows Peter Parker is Spider-Man. With nothing to hold him back, Vulture can create a team of those who have been thwarted by the hero, finally gaining the revenge he is searching for.


During Spider-Man: Homecoming we actually got to see two versions of the Shocker, both of which were a part of Vulture's crew. The first was actually killed by the Vulture and the second, Herman Schultz is currently in prison. Although he never quite donned the yellow quilted costume, Shocker did were clothing with a similar color scheme and went but the alias jokingly.

He was a slightly forgettable part of the film, although the Shocker gauntlets could deal some real damage. If the character is to return as part of the Sinister Six he should get a much better go around at fulfilling his villainous potential. Schultz has always been one of Spidey's more iconic foes, although he is often used as a joke with Spider-Man sometimes defeating him with incredible ease.


Justin Hammer

There is a definite future for Justin Hammer in the MCU, who is fantastically played by Sam Rockwell. He's already shown up again in a Marvel One-Shot and is currently sitting in jail, like most the villains on this list. What sets Hammer apart from the rest though is his financial capital. The Sinister Six will need some to back them monetarily and Justin might be the man for the job.

He and Stark had a complicated relationship and there is potential that Hammer could actually be jealous of what Peter had with Tony. Especially now that Peter continues to use the Stark technology it wouldn't be surprising if Justin Hammer was actually one of the key members of this team as they go up against the wall-crawler, especially since he was obsessed with Stark's legacy. Also, this is the perfect excuse to bring back a character that's easily one of the funniest bits of the whole MCU; even if he's never been a member of the team in the comics.


If there's one character that could break all these rogues out of prison and create a team for revenge, then Mysterio is the guy. He's very resourceful and would make for a very shocking return to the universe for Peter Parker. He'd also have a very interesting dynamic with other members of the team and his costume could even get another upgrade thanks to the Tinkerer. We believe Beck's role in the franchise isn't over just yet.


Taskmaster in Spider-Man PS4

It's been recently speculated that Taskmaster is going to be a part of the Black Widow film, due to recent set photos. If this is the case, then Taskmaster might make for a great addition to this team. Although there is no direct link to Spider-Man currently in the movies, he's been linked to him many times in the past, including in the recent game.

With the ability to learn any skill just by observing someone else perform it, Taskmaster really is a formidable threat both physically and tactically. The group needs a tactician in order to lead them into battle and this may be the man for the task. He's brutal and efficient and he is usually following the money; which could be a way to get him on side. Although his history in the MCU is yet to be written, we could see the character returning in the future already.


The Netflix TV shows have done a great job of fleshing out the universe. New York is now buzzing full of heroes and villains. There is one crime lord in particular who would make a great addition to the movie side of the franchise, especially in the Spidey films. Kingpin is a known enemy of the web-head and would introduce a financial element as well as a lot of brawn to the team.

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The Kingpin is obsessed with the reputation of New York and he may fear that Spider-Man, now that he is perceived as a villain, could tarnish that. It would make a lot of sense if Spidey had also stopped a lot of Wilson Fisk's criminal operations in the city. This would be a really easy way to write in the character and with the Netflix shows canceled and Kingpin up for use in two years, we could totally see him as a sinister member in the third installment.


Spider-Man: Homecoming introduced yet another famous Spider-Man villain to the big screen for the first time, adding Michael Mando as Mac Gargan, the Scorpion. He is yet to suit up in the films, but we know he will return in the future to the plot thread that was left hanging in the first film. It appears that he is absolutely going to be a member of the Sinister Six, with all the clues pointing in that direction.

Once he does have some kind of weapons suit, Scorpion may be one of the most lethal villains in the MCU. Gargan is vicious and manipulative, with a clear choice to continue his criminal life at all costs. He feels victimized by Spider-Man and is absolutely thinking about revenge the whole time he is sitting in prison. Now that the world knows about Peter Parker this is Scorpion's chance to make his life hell.


Iron Patriot isn't technically a villain for the moment, as the last time we saw this suit it was being worn by Rhodey. However, in the comics, this was a suit of armor originally worn by Norman Osborn, during the Dark Reign storyline. With rumors of Osborn making his way to the MCU, there may be a way to first introduce him as Iron Patriot, before ripping off the helmet to find a Green Goblin mask.

With more ties to Peter's relationship with Stark, as well as a new representation of both Captain America and Iron Man, the Iron Patriot might be a way to trick the country into believing Osborn is doing good work, while he manipulates the Sinister Six in the shadows of his plans. It would also give Osborn a physical advantage against Peter and would make for an interesting physical battle.

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