Marvel Villains: 5 Costumes We Love (& 5 We Hate)

Villains have always been a part of any superhero's story. There is no hero without evil to fight against. A lot of villains get more attention and love from the audience because they usually have a richer backstory that allows the reader's to be empathetic. On the other hand, some are just lame and have not been fleshed out enough for anyone to understand why they are evil. A lot of villains are used as the butt of a joke or just to make the hero shine.

This list is a combination of both super-awesome villains and ones with s highly laughable sense of a fashion. Here is Marvel Villains: 5 Costumes We Love (& 5 We Hate).

10 Worst: Klaw

Ulysses Klaue is the one that originally killed T'Challa's father, T' Chaka. He is a selfish human being that only thinks of himself. He would of killed T' Challa too if his father did not shield him from Klaw's gunfire. T'Challa was saved by Zuri and able to get Klaw's gun and shoot his arm off.

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Looking at this outfit is just confusing. What is going on with it? Is he wearing two costumes? Are the black shorts on top of the red or are the red shirt and pants on top of the black underneath? If they're just a pair of ripped shorts, why doesn't he buy a new pair? This costume is just bad and confusing.

9 Best: Doctor Octopus

Olivia Octavius made a lasting impression on its viewers in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. She is, of course, an evil scientist working for the ever-so awful-Wilson Fisk. As the CEO of Alchemax, she is in charge of watching over the supercollider's construction. She is a mad scientist that likes people being in pain.

This is such a cool costume. It is a great gender-bend of the normal Otto Octavius the audience is used to seeing and she reminds people of an evil Ms. Frizzle. The thing that sticks out the most in this costume are her clear octopus-like tube arms. She looks amazing and is a great choice to start off the best looking villains for this list.

8 Worst: Grim Reaper

Eric Williams is the brother of Wonder Man a.k.a. Simon Williams. When he was a teen, he started his path to villainy with simple theft, but eventually went on to join the Maggia crime syndicate. When Simon, his brother, died, he wanted to take action. He contracted the Tinkerer and had him make a custom scythe.

He gives the actual grim reaper a bad name in the fashion department. He looks like a futuristic pirate with the arm scythe and cartoon skull on his chest. The helmet also looks like he took inspiration from an electric pole. Yikes.

7 Best: Mister Sinister

Dr. Nathaniel Essex is a genius. He gained his degree in biology all the way back in 1859 from the University of Oxford. En Sabah Nur helped create the monster that is Mister Sinister, but he can not take all the credit. Nur gave him immortality and the power of telekinesis.

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Now, this is a genius that knows how to dress himself. The giant feather-like cape and the black outfit with red accents is a great and simple look that a lot of villains should take heed from.

6 Worst: Wizard

Dr. Bentley Wittman likes to go by the code name Wizard. He came up with it when he would go on stage and use his inventions to make it look like he was performing magic. One of the reasons he became evil was because he was jealous of the attention the Human Touch was getting from people.

Big helmets just look stupid. If it's too big, it looks like they would not be able to hold it up properly. If a super-smart villain is going to design his own costume, they need to know that a goatee sticking out of a small opening does not look cool.

5 Best: Lady Deathstrike

Yuriko Oyama has a very interesting background in the X-Men comics. She is the daughter of a World War II Kamikaze pilot and was trained by Willaim Stryker's wife, Marcy Stryker. She has the mutant power to form her nails into deadly stabbing weapons. She is almost always a villain and working for William Stryker.

This costume looks so cool. The ribbed vest and pants are reminiscent of a snake and her bright red hair goes great with the brown. This outfit is battle-ready and allows her to move freely as she fights up close.

4 Worst: Lord Immortus

Lord Immortus, or Nathaniel Richards, is from the 30th century and has been reborn multiple times. Nathaniel has been able to stop himself from aging any more than he has with his future technology.

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He just looks like a big old dork. The huge purple helmet is obviously very heavy and little goatee peeking out is all the reader can focus on. The purple, yellow, and green make it look like he had 10 minutes throw something together and this was the result.

3 Best: Mystique

Raven Darkholme is a mutant that can turn into anybody she wants whenever she wants. She is usually evil, but she has had her good streaks from time to time. She is the biological mother of Nightcrawler, the X-Men, and the adoptive mother of rogue.

Since she can be whoever she wants and can change her look on a whim, she literally has the best style, so it is no surprise she is on this list. The white look beautiful against her blue skin, red hair, and the belt of skulls. Are they real or are they fake? Who knows!

2 Worst: Toad

The all-time worst costume on this list is Toad. Mortimer Toynbee is a mutant with the power of what his name suggests: a super-powered toad. He was abandoned by his parents and has been bullied for how he looks his whole life. While that is sad and really mean of everyone, he could be a little bit better at dressing himself.

The costume's colors do not go together. Bright yellow and dark blue is just a weird combination. Also, the haircut makes him look like he is a medieval jester for Magneto. Toad needs to start becoming his own person and get some new clothes. If the issues are that he is embarrassed to leave the house, there is always online shopping.

1 Best: Hela

The best villain's costume in Marvel Comic history has to be Hela's. In the comics, Hela is the daughter of Loki and Angerboda, but some spectate that is not true. Hela is someone that is pure evil and has shown that multiple times. Even the Norns told the Asgardian Gods she was a great threat to everyone.

This costume makes a huge statement when she comes on the page. It says, "I am here to kill whoever I want and it is going to be near impossible to stop me." The headpiece is a whole thing on its own. It is so intricate and beautiful looking, like a tree with elongated limbs. The cape is so freaking long she probably can not go through most doors, but that is what makes it so awesome. There is no question that Hela made number one on this list.

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