Marvel Versus DC: Whose Side Are You On (For Charity)?

width="102" height="190" alt="" border="0" align="right">Cyclops, from Marvel's "X-Men," playing baseball.

If you read CBR's interview with Mike Marts and Jim McLauchlin. two of the primary architects of the chairty Marvel versus DC softball game, you probably noticed that there's a chance for fans to bid on playing for either the DC Bullets or The House Of Ideas. Well, the time has arrived. You can now bid for the opportunity to play on the Marvel or DC softball teams at their charity game on Thursday, July 20th, at Comic-Con International. Not only will you be a part of comic book history, but you'll also get to meet some of your favorite creators.

  • To bid to play on Marvel's team, go here.
  • To bid to play on DC's team, go here.

And remember, if you can't attend this charity event, you can always donate to ACTOR at the official website. If you want to purchase tickets for the game, just follow this link. Stay tuned to CBR News for the best in Comic-Con International news and the latest updates on this new chapter in the histories of Marvel and DC.

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