Marvel Teases What's Next for Venom After Absolute Carnage

Writer Donny Cates and artist Mark Bagley will team-up for Venom #21, which will be the start of "Venom Island."

Plot details about the upcoming arc were not revealed, though the book will release in December. The variant cover, which is by Clayton Crain, shows a skull with the symbiote seemingly melting off of it. The word "Alas" appears at the top of the cover, though the PR email itself is titled "Alas poor Venom," a reference to William Shakespeare's Hamlet and the titular prince's famous monologue about Yorick, a dead court jester.

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The timing of the book puts it right after the events of Absolute Carnage. That series, by Cates and artist Ryan Stegman, has seen the titular villain gunning for everyone who has previously worn a symbiote, including Venom and Spider-Man. The title also seems to be a reference to "Spider-Island," a 2011 storyline by Dan Slott, Humberto Ramos and Stefano Caselli that saw Manhattanites gaining powers similar to Spider-Man. It's unclear if this storyline will relate to that one.

Venom #18, by Donny Cates and Iban Coello, releases September 11 from Marvel.

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