Venom Inc. Crossover Coming to Amazing Spider-Man, Venom

Spider-Man will square off with one of his greatest rivals in "Venom, Inc.," a six-issue crossover that unfolds in The Amazing Spider-Man and Venom, beginning in December.

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Marvel editor Nick Lowe announced the event on the "This Week in Marvel" podcast, where he mentioned writer Dan Slott has wanted to incorporate Venom into his Amazing Spider-Man run, but the antihero was always tied up in other stories.

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The crossover begins in Venom, Inc. Alpha #1 by Slott, Mike Costa, Ryan Stegman and Brian Reber, before rotating back and forth between The Amazing Spider-Man and Venom, and then concluding with another one-shot issue.

The story kicks off with Mania, a symbiote wearer introduced in Venom Vol. 2 #31 by Cullen Bunn and Declan Shalvey, getting ambushed by Lee Price. If you'll remember, Price was the initial host of the Venom symbiote when this current volume launched earlier this year, before Eddie Brock returned to reclaim what was once his. In the Alpha issue, Price steals the Mania symbiote and rechristens himself Maniac. Flash Thompson, another previous Venom host, will also appear in the crossover.

Venom, Incbegins with an Alpha issue, continues through The Amazing Spider-Man #792-793 and Venom #159-160, and then concludes in Venom, Inc. Omega #1.

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