Marvel Unveils Spoilery New Series In "Fear Itself" #7.1

[NOTE: The follow story contains spoilers for "Fear Itself" 7.1, on sale today.]

Shortly after "Fear Itself" #7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 were announced, writers and editors alike started to promise that the ostensibly one-shot books would carry some major weight for the future of the Marvel Universe. Today, Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice's #7.1 -- a story following the fallout of the "Fear Itself" event in the life of Captain America -- ships to comic shops. CBR News has learned that the issue is a newsmaker in and of itself as it announces a brand new Marvel series.

Of course, the particular stunt of announcing a new book at the end of the one-shot wouldn't strike as strong if the announcement wasn't tied to the story. So before we share the new series with readers, we'll remind that the image constitutes a major SPOILER for the book just on sale.

By the story's end, the former Captain America best known as Bucky will be back in action after seemingly dying in "Fear Itself." The controversial killings had some fans balk at the choice to knock off the favorite character outside of Brubaker's own "Captain America" serial, however now it seems that the full plan all along was to set up Bucky for a new "Winter Soldier" series to be handled by Bruabaker and Guice:

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