Marvel Unveils Second Heroic Age Teaser

Though the mission statement and start date of Marvel Comics new Heroic Age branding has been well publicized, the ins and outs of the program that plans to return the publisher's line to a series of optimistic ongoing series remain in doubt. Today, Marvel released a new teaser image (at right) drawn by "Captain America Reborn" penciler Bryan Hitch featuring an assemblage of heroes from Luke Cage to the new Hank Pym Wasp, however much like previous releases there's no indication as to whether this art signifies a new series, a new team or something else entirely.

Last week, the teasing game started when Heroic Age saw its official announcement at the hands of Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada and writer Brian Michael Bendis. That announcement came with its own teaser by Jimmy Cheung featuring a group of heroes that included Captain America, Black Widow and Spider-Man, and while at first some fans believed the line up in the art would prove to be that of Bendis and John Romita, Jr.'s announced "Avengers" comic, it's looking more and more like not all those characters will make the cut.

As for this new image, what can be said for certain is that it contains at least on new member of the core Avengers team in Hawkeye as well as several other former Avengers in the form of the Wasp, Mockingbird and perennial Bendis favorite Cage. In that case, either the size and shape of the new iteration of the Avengers is much bigger than expected, or Marvel's resident archer is puling double duty somewhere. Then there's Gorilla Man, the octogenarian and simian co-star of critical darling "Agents of Atlas." His involvement will doubtlessly still gets fans scratching their heads until the final lineup is revealed.

If today is like every other day this week, another "I Am An Avenger" teaser for Bendis and Romita's May-launching book will be on its way this afternoon, so check back to CBR as more info on Heroic Age becomes available!

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