Marvel Unveils Mighty 'Gwensters Unleashed' Variants

Few readers would consider Gwen Stacy a monster by any means, which is why Marvel Comics' newly unveiled "Gwensters Unleashed" variants come as quite the shock, reimagining the classic Spider-Man love interest as several different beasts in light of the upcoming "Monsters Unleashed" event series.

As part of the crossover, Marvel is releasing "Gwensters Unleashed" variants for eight tie-in one-shots throughout January, February and March -- each of which feature a story that ties into the "Monsters Unleashed" crossover.

An official press release touts, "Marvel at the might of the terrible GOOGWEN! Cower in fear under the awesome terror that is GWENSTEROSO! Never before has there been a menace such as GWENGO the unconquerable!"

Marvel has revealed four of the "Gwensters Unleashed" variants, including:

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All-New X-Men #1.MU Gwensters Unleashed Variant by Richard Isanove

Champions #1.MU Gwensters Unleashed Variant by Dave Johnson

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Doctor Strange #1.MU Gwensters Unleashed Variant by Brian Kesinger

Uncanny Inhumans #1.MU Gwensters Unleashed Variant by Gustavo Duarte

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Cullen Bunn, along with Steve McNiven, Greg Land, Adam Kubert, Salvador Larroca and Leinil Yu, bring devastation to the Marvel Universe when “Monsters Unleashed” arrives in January.

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