Marvel Unveils First Old Man Quill Cover Art

With Ethan Sacks' Old Man Hawkeye maxi-series set to wrap next month, we now have our first piece of cover art from his next chapter in Marvel's dystopian future, Old Man Quill.

The cover, by artist Andrea Sorrentino, shows a universe-weary Peter Quill in his old age, holding his signature Quad Blaster, with his mask in the background. It's worth noting that, in the red of the mask's eye, we see a planet being destroyed, which could indicate his failure as Emperor of Spartax. There's also a neat Easter egg in the series' logo, which features the Ravagers icon from the live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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"We have gotten to see the saga of Logan and Hawkeye in the Wastelands, but there is literally a whole world -- make that a whole galaxy -- left to explore," Sacks said to Newsarama. "There is so much potential in more visits to this deliciously awful place first dreamed up by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven a decade ago."

Sacks indicated a more seasoned and bitter Quill will be reuniting with the Guardians, not realizing what's happened to Earth. "We find Peter in a dark place, so don't expect him to come out quipping one-liners," Sacks added. "He's a lot more haunted than we're used to... at least at the beginning of his tale. This Star-Lord is a little bit reminiscent of the revenge-bent gunslinger that Steve Englehart first dreamed up in 1976."

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As for which familiar faces we'll see, Sacks said Rocket Raccoon and Ashley -- Hawkeye's estranged daughter and Spider-Man's grand-daughter -- will appear when Quill passes through the Wastelands we've seen so far in a world overrun by villains.

Old Man Quill is a 12-issue maxi-series set to premiere in February 2019. With Sacks on scripts, the art will be done by Robert Gill with covers provided by Andrea Sorrentino.

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