Marvel Unlimited Reveals Most Popular Comics of 2018

Thanos Infinity Gauntlet

Marvel has released its annual list of the most popular comics read through its digital subscription service Marvel Unlimited.

In a new e-mail to Marvel Unlimited subscribers, Marvel revealed that Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet dominated the service in the same way they dominated the box office with the franchise-fusing Marvel Studios blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War

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Even though it was first published in 1991, Jim Starlin and George Perez's Infinity Gauntlet #1 topped the list of most-read single-issues.

The Infinity Trilogy, which consists of Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War and Infinity Crusade, was the service's most-read reading list, which arranges put the grand cosmic saga in an easy-to-read chronological order.

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When it comes to the most-read comic series, the X-Men took over. Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1, which ran from 1963 to 2011, was the top series in 2018. Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1, the Ultimate Universe reboot of the character from the early 2000s, was the second most-read series. The second volume of Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2, which ran from 1999 to 2013, rounded out the top three most-read series.

The service added 2,406 issues in 2018, with over half of these being relatively new issues published since 2000. This only adds to the 20,000 Marvel back issues that the service currently holds in its archive.

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