Has the Marvel Universe Found its Next Hydra?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Hunt For Wolverine: Dead Ends, by Charles Soule, Ramon Rosanas, Guru-eFX and Joe Sabino, out now.

The Hunt For Wolverine is nearly over, and thanks to this week’s one-shot Dead Ends, we’re one step closer to the Return of Wolverine next month. More than that though, Dead Ends introduces us to the big new villain that’s going to be facing off against the X-Men and Wolverine moving forward.

It was first revealed by writer Charles Soule that the upcoming miniseries Return of Wolverine will see the missing mutant square off against a new villain called Persephone, and here, at the conclusion of the Hunt For Wolverine, storyline that we get our first introduction to the mysterious foe. It’s revealed in the closing pages of the issue that not only is Persephone holding Logan prisoner, but all of the clues discovered by the superheroes in the recent Hunt For Wolverine miniseries lead to this enigmatic new villain and her insidious corporation known as Soteira.

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Kitty Pryde, the current leader of the X-Men calls Tony Stark and Matt Murdock to the X-Mansion in Central Park to review all of the clues uncovered by the four separate teams that have spent the last few months searching for the whereabouts of Wolverine’s body. When he died, seemingly drowned in molten Adamantium, the X-Men secured his encased body and hid it in a top secret location. Not only did unknown enemies find this location, but when the X-Men arrived to make sure it was safe, they found the adamantium shell cracked in two, and the body of Logan missing from within.

This led to the four Hunt For Wolverine miniseries -- Mystery in Madripoor, Claws of a Killer, Adamantium Agenda and Weapon Lost -- in which three teams of heroes and one team of villains, investigated various clues that would lead them down very different paths to finding Logan. It’s here, in Hunt For Wolverine: Dead Ends, that Kitty, Iron Man and Daredevil are able to piece the clues together and uncover the machinations of Soteira.

But... what is Soteira, really?

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