Marvel Universe hits the gridiron with these NFL helmet mashups

The NFL's image has taken several hits in recent years, with a few teams sustaining serious (if largely self-inflicted) damage. Perhaps it's time for the entire league to undergo a makeover -- a Marvel makeover.

Justin Kozisek has reimagined the helmets (and mascots) of all 32 teams, bringing the Marvel Football League from the 616 universe to ours. Surely attendance would skyrocket at stadiums nationwide if fans could watch the Philadelphia Fin Fang Fooms face the New England Star-Lords, or the Pittsburgh Hydra battle the Jacksonville Rockets.

Check out some of our favorite designs below, and see more on Kozisek's website, where you can purchase T-shirts.

[gallery link="file" columns="4" ids="210910,210909,210906,210908,210905,210903,210901,210907"]

(via SB Nation, imgur)

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