10 Times Cable Was The Most Powerful Mutant In The Marvel Universe

The militaristic mutant known as Cable may not have made Jonathan Hickman's recently revealed list of Omega-level mutants, but he is no slouch when it comes to power. As a member of the Summers family, Nathan Dayspring Askani'son has the genetic predisposition to untapped power that runs in the family that we've seen explored a few times in his comic history.

So today we are going to take a look at a few of Cable's most impressive feats of power that have made him one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe more than a few times. It's important to note here that we are talking about the original Cable and not the newer Kid Cable version that replaced his predecessor in recent X-Men storylines.

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Nathan had a rough early life, as before he could walk he had already been used in the hellish Inferno event, and then infected by Apocalypse's Techno-Organic virus, which would have killed him if he hadn't been sent to live in the future.

While there, through training with the time-displaced Cyclops and Jean Grey as Slym and Redd, Nathan learned how to use his telekinesis to keep the T/O virus at bay, which is something he has to consciously focus on every single day of his life. This process also drains him of most of his available TK power, which is partly why he is so well-trained in other forms of warfare.


Cable's abilities aren't based solely on his power levels, as Nathan has also studied extensively in the ways of the Askani, which has taught him how to refine his abilities and use them in new powerful ways. During a battle with his over-powered alternate reality double Nate Grey, Cable demonstrates how knowledge of power overcomes power every day.

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Cable utilizes a technique called "stepping between the moments" that he learned from his mentor Blaquesmith, which actually telekinetically freezes time and allows Nathan to slip ahead slightly and avoid a powerful psi-blast. It's similar to how a telepath would have a conversation in between the seconds of thought, though it would require much more power and focus to accomplish.


Cable's power levels have varied over the years depending on his control over the T/O virus in his system. However, Nathan's abilities expanded incredibly when he was able to expunge a weakened T/O virus from his body in the Soldier X series.

Nathan decided to use his abilities to solve a few of the world's most glaring problems, usually terrorists. In one such encounter, he molecularly altered a grape into poison, removed the air from his opponents, and even rebuilt his own head after being shot. Cable was moving into a new level as his powers continued to increase without the T/O virus in his system


An ability that often comes up when discussing impressive feats of powers from characters is the ability to accomplish what is known as "Battlefield Removals," a usually overpowered way to end a fight by instantly removing the opponents from the battle.

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Cable has done this a number of times while free of the T/O virus, from actually removing mercenaries off the battlefield to think about their actions during his Soldier X run to sending the villain Lightmaster into space with just a thought. It's important to note here that these BFRs were done with his own abilities and without the trademark "Bodyslide by x" to signify teleporting.


When Cable realized his powers were expanding to the point that he would burn out his body, much like the previously mentioned Nate Grey, he decided to go out with a bang and attempt to finally unite the world in peace using his enhanced powers and the lessons taught to him by the Askani.

When Cable decided to take his new mission as the world's savior public, it was understandably met with some opposition. Cable's ultimatum to the government came with the threat to throw all of the Earth's weapons into the sun, S.H.I.E.L.D. launched an attack of 247 missiles that Cable detonated, and then used a TK shield to funnel the energy into space.


One of Cable's earliest uses of his enhanced abilities came when he rewrote his own DNA to remove a weakened T/O virus from his system, further increasing his abilities. He would again display this ability to telekinetically rewrite DNA during his Soldier X run, though he would use the power on others.

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Showcasing his powers to a foreign general, Cable rewrote the interpreters' DNA to "teach him how to fly" by transforming him into a bat-like creature. He also tricks the General by turning his hands into uranium, though it was revealed to be a bioluminescent fungus, which is still impressive.


One of Cable's means to bring the world together was by creating a safe haven for refugees, mutants, humans, and anyone willing to follow his Askani teachings. He built the city using leftover pieces of his former Graymalkin station, naming his new floating city Providence.

However, during a battle that distracted Cable, the X-Men learned that the city was held up by Cable's abilities, and not anti-grav generators as they previously believed. Cable's equally powerful sister Rachel Summers was able to catch Providence temporarily before Cable recovered and lowered it to the ground, proving his power superiority even within his own family at the time.


One of the best determiners of telepathic power in the Marvel Universe is to see how it scales based on planetary use. For example, Charles Xavier requires the use of the Cerebro tech to increase his abilities to cover the whole planet, though Jean Grey as an Omega-level telepath is able to do the same without Cerebro.


During Cable's overpowered savior phase, he was shown to exhibit incredibly enhanced planetary telepathy, which was shown when Cable charged the Earth's ionosphere with his telepathic energy, searching everyone at the same time in order to locate the X-Men, which impressed Emma Frost.


As is often the case with overpowered superhero battles, there can be quite a lot of collateral damage. nearing the end of Cable's "savior" phase, his true plan to unite the world against him is revealed, and Xavier contacts Mr. Fantastic to bring in the big gun, the Silver Surfer.

The cosmically-powered Silver Surfer attacks Cable on Providence, and as the two battle, the city is left in rubble in their wake. It is revealed during the fight that Cable is telekinetically rebuilding the city instantly as it is destroyed, proving he had truly become Marvel's most powerful mutant.


As we just mentioned, Cable took on the Silver Surfer in an epic battle aboard providence that would normally have seemed like an unbalanced fight. After all, Silver Surfer is imbued with the Power Cosmic by Galactus himself and is considered one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe.

Cable's battle with the Silver Surfer only proved to show just how powerful he was capable of becoming, especially when he shattered the Surfer's board in one of his final displays of power. The Surfer would ultimately win the battle, but the fact that Cable was able to hold his own for as long as he did while simultaneously repairing his city is more than enough to showcase his power.

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