Marvel: 10 Best Heroes Of 1602 Marvel Universe, Ranked

As the MCU continues to expand and grow and the various alternate realities of the Marvel Comics world become open to use from the acclaimed film and television company, there are many fans looking to the vast multiverse of the Marvel Comics world and asking which universe will become a storyline in the MCU and beyond.

Perhaps one universe of note should be the Marvel 1602 universe. Set in a universe where the heroes of the Marvel Universe arrive hundreds of years before they are supposed to, let's take a look at the ten most popular heroes of the 1602 Marvel Universe.

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10 Janette Le Pym

The first hero that deserves recognition has to Janette Le Pym, aka Janet Van Dyne. Known in the main Marvel universe as the Avenger The Wasp, Janet in the 1602 universe is the wife of Henri Le Pym, a famed philosopher who was this universes Hank Pym.

In the Marvel 1602 Universe, Janette Le Pym was accidentally shrunken by an elixir on accident. When the elixir hit her and she began to shrink, she also became a human/wasp hybrid of sorts, making her into The Wasp of the 1602 universe inadvertently, a far cry from her main Marvel Universe counterpart.

9 Henri Le Pym

The next hero on this list has to be the husband of Janette Le Pym, the philosopher known as Henri Le Pym. This universe’s version of the Avenger Hank Pym, aka Ant-Man/Giant Man/Yellowjacket/etc, Henri Le Pym is blackmailed in this universe by Victor Octavius into finding a cure for Octavius at the same time Pym is working on a cure for his wife.

While working on a cure, Janette is exposed to and has an elixir spilled on her in her small form. Henri licks the elixir off of her, and in the process becomes a giant, leading to his “Giant Man” transformation.

8 Peter Parquagh

The next hero on this list is Peter Parquagh, aka the 1602 version of Peter Parker, otherwise known as Spider-Man. Peter Parquagh is the apprentice of Sir Nicholas Fury, and although he has an obsession with spiders in this universe, he is usually prevented from being bitten by one, as he was in the main Marvel universe which led to his heroic transformation.

However when Peter is caught in the midst of a closing time stream and is bitten by a spider, he gains powers and calls himself the Spider. Later during the Spider-Verse storyline, Morlun visits his world and takes this Peter’s life force.

7 Matthew Murdoch

The next hero on this list has to be Daredevil himself, the man with no fear, Matt Murdock, or as he is otherwise known in the 1602 Marvel Universe, Matthew Murdoch. A blind, Irish entertainer who freelances as an agent of Sir Nicholas Fury, this universe’s version of Daredevil gained his power from a mysterious substance he encountered as a child, giving him enhanced senses.

This version of Daredevil is closer to the free spirited, quick witted and humorous Daredevil who appeared in Marvel Comics before the more serious version installed into the main Marvel continuity by writer Frank Miller.

6 Sir Nicholas Fury

This next hero is the ultimate spy master and one of the key players in the Marvel 1602 story and universe overall, Sir Nicholas Fury. Based on the main Marvel Universe spy master and leader of SHIELD Nick Fury, Sir Nicholas Fury is the spymaster of the Queen.

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Known as the Queen’s Intelligencer, Sir Nicholas Fury was actually put into the role of real life Intelligencer and spy master Sir Francis Walsingham, who was responsible for getting the evidence to convict and have executed Mary Queen of Scots and gained intel that led to the defeat of the Spanish Armada.

5 Doctor Stephen Strange

Another powerful figure from Marvel Comics who took on the role of a prominent historical figure has to be Doctor Stephen Strange. The infamous master of the mystic arts and Sorcerer Supreme in the main Marvel Universe, this version of the hero is actually based on the famed mathematician, astrologer and geographer John Dee.

Serving as the Queen’s Physician, Doctor Stephen Strange worked outside of Greenwich outside of London, England, which was a play on the main Marvel Universe’s Stephen Strange working in his mansion in Greenwich Village, New York City. He is an acclaimed physician and master of the occult as well.

4 Rojhaz

The most interesting character of the entire storyline and Marvel 1602 universe has to be Rojhaz, otherwise known as the one and only Steve Rodgers, aka Captain America. In this universe, appearing as Rojhaz, Cap is trapped inside the body of a blonde haired, blue-eyed Native American bodyguard for the character Virginia Dare.

Coming from a future where he was the last hero standing and was sent back in time by future maniacal president The Purple Man, his banishment to this time period is what is responsible for figures and history being rewritten and changed, creating this alternate universe.

3 Carlos Javier

The third most powerful hero in this universe has to be Carlos Javier, the 1602 universe of Charles Xavier. As many know, the main universe version of Charles Xavier is a powerful mutant and leader of the original X-Men, who built a school to help young mutants train and learn to adjust and control their abilities away from the outside world.

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Carlos Javier is similar, but in this universe he is part of a group known as the witchbreed. A Spanish man who lives in England and runs a school for those like himself, people known as the Witchbreed who have special gifts like him.

2 The Four From The Fantastick

This next group of heroes all come in one listing as they are all together and always have been, and that is the Four from the Fantastick, aka this world’s version of the Fantastic Four. The heroes who make up Matthew Murdoch’s favorite ballad, the heroes were explorers caught in a wave of energy who became trapped underneath the castle of Count Otto von Doom, until rescued by Sir Nicholas Fury and Carlos Javier.

They are made up of Captain Benjamin Grimm, who can become solid rock, Sir Richard Reed who becomes pliable like water, Susan Storm who is permanently invisible, and Master Jonathan Storm, who becomes living fire.

1 Donal The Ancient One

Probably the most powerful and most complex hero of the entire 1602 universe has to be Donal the Ancient One, aka this universe’s version of Thor. Donal is a member of the Knight’s Templar, who is tasked with bringing a Templar treasure to Doctor Stephen Strange. However the treasure turns out to be Mjolnir, the ancient hammer of Thor, who according to Donal’s religion is a pagan god.

Disguised as a walking stick, Donal is forced to use it to become Thor, turning him into one of the things he hates more than anything else, which causes Donal to turn to the drink in the storyline.

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