Marvel Has Plans for the Reintroduced Ultimate Universe

Fret not, Ultimate Universe fans; Marvel Comics has plans for the newly returned reality!

Marvel Comics Senior Vice President Tom Brevoort touched on a return to the Ultimate Universe during the publisher's 'Next Big Thing' C2E2 panel earlier today. After the revelation from Spider-Men II that the Ultimate Universe was still around, Brevoort hinted at potential plans for it.

“We’ll be vague and mysterious... there are always plans," Brevoort responded when asked about its status by a fan. Marvel isn't ready to discuss where the reinstated Ultimate Universe will show up, he added, but one option is it could;ld reappear as a surprise, without any fanfare.

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Marvel's Ultimate Universe was introduced in 2000 as a way to re-imagine and update many of the publisher's longtime heroes and villains, including flagship titles Ultimate Spider-Man, X-Men, Avengers and Fantastic Four. The Ultimate Spider-Man series would eventually lead to the creation of the highly-popular Miles Morales, who is now a part of the Marvel Universe-proper.

The Ultimate Universe met its demise in 2015's Ultimate End miniseries as part of "Secret Wars," before returning in the closing page of Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli's Spider-Men II. The series ended with special two-page spread illustrated by original Ultimate Spider-Man artist Mark Bagley, presenting a re-formed Ultimate U that included new characters like Riri Williams, aka Ironheart.

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