10 Questions About The Ultimate Nullifier, Finally Answered


If there is one thing fans appreciate about Marvel, it would be their ability to keep us on our toes. Every so often, in one way or another, the people behind the universes of Marvel manage to throw something our way we simply weren't expecting. It's all pretty complex, and honestly, we wouldn't have it any other way. Trying to follow all the dynamic and intricate adventures of the characters is what makes Marvel what it is, even when we're left with more questions than answers.

Now, most fans are pretty much familiarized with the most impressive weapons Marvel has created over the years. Whether it be Thor's hammer, Captain America's shield, or the Infinity Gauntlet, they know everything there is to know about them. However, there is one particular weapon that made its way into our reality back in the 1960s that's still a bit of an enigma. You probably have more than a few questions about the Ultimate Nullifier. As such, we think it's time we answer some of the most pressing ones. Let's go!

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10 Where Did It Come From?

We first got to hear about the Ultimate Nullifier in Fantastic Four volume 1, issue #50. The team learns that the Earth is in great danger, being targeted by Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds. The name says it all, and it meant that Galactus wanted to consume the planet due to its immense energy. Uatu the watcher knew of a weapon that could destroy Galactus, and he instructed Johnny Storm to find it.

This weapon is, of course, the Ultimate Nullifier. Storm got it from the home of Galactus himself, Taa II. This is where we get the first glimpse into the origin of the Nullifier, a place that Galactus built as a monument to his original, now destroyed world of Taa. However, when Marvel launched the official profile of the weapon, it's said to be of "unknown origins", so we can't exactly know where it came from before this. We also begin to understand just how powerful it is, since the threat of having the weapon used against him is enough to make Galactus retreat.

9 Where Does It Appear?

Aside from the first taste, we got from the Ultimate Nullifier in Fantastic Four volume 1, Marvel also provided us with a few more appearances of the weapon throughout the years. The second time we see the Nullifier is in Infinity WarAfter Magus managed to gather the power of five cosmic cubes and five Infinity Gems, Quasar attempted to destroy him using the Ultimate Nullifier. He didn't manage to pull through and ended up nullifying himself. The weapon ended up in Uatu's possession.

There's also a Nullifier in the hands of Doop; however, it remains unclear whether or not it's real or fake. The weapon is also present or mentioned in other versions, including the Earth X trilogy, the JLA/Avengers crossover, Marvel Adventures, Ultimate Extinction in the Ultimate Marvel universe, Marvel: What If?, and Age of Ultron

8 How Powerful Is It?

The name already gives us a pretty good idea of just how powerful it is. The word Ultimate isn't something to play around with. Plus, the fact that Galactus himself is afraid of it to the point of giving up on consuming planet Earth also speaks quite a bit of the strength of the Nullifier. It has been qualified as the universe's most devastating weapon, and in the world of Marvel, that's saying quite a bit.

Simply put, there are few things out there more powerful than the Ultimate Nullifier. There is, however, an interesting theory put forward by Spider-Man in Marvel Adventures, where he states that the weapon doesn't actually destroy things, otherwise it would be called the Ultimate Annihilator. His theory ends up proving correct, but this doesn't mean that the Nullifier no longer is the most powerful weapon out there. We'll get to why this is true.

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7 What Can It Do?

Why is the Ultimate Nullifier so powerful after all—enough so that Galactus is scared of it? Well, what the weapon can do is indeed pretty devastating. It has the ability to thoroughly eliminate the person chosen by the one who wields it. This happens by violating the law of conservation of mass, which states that mass can't be created or destroyed, and the amount of matter cannot change. The Nullifier breaks this law and thus has the power to completely wipe a creature out of existence.

This, however, isn't all. The abilities of the Ultimate Nullifier don't end with the destruction of a single individual. Due to its immense force, it can also erase complete timelines or nullify a multiverse. It's powerful enough to wipe out galaxies, and potentially, entire universes. Dangerous is definitely an understatement when it comes to defining the Nullifier.

6 How Does It Work?

With the Marvel universe filled with baddies, it's understandable that the prospect of having the Ultimate Nullifier in their possession would be a tempting one for many characters. While we've already explored the amount of power it has and what it can do as a weapon of mass destruction—literally—we still haven't gotten into one of the most interesting characteristics of the Nullifier.

You see, the successful use (whatever that might mean for the one who holds it) of the weapon highly depends on the mental strength of the wielder. A very complex and disciplined mind is necessary in order to completely understand the target in order to wipe it out from existence. If it's possessed by a strong enough mind, it can remove the target from local and temporal reality. The twist here is that, if the wielder isn't capable enough, he will be destroyed alongside the target as a way to keep cosmical balance.

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5 What Is It Made Of?

When it comes to physical characteristics, the Ultimate Nullifier is described as being a tiny metallic device that can easily be held in one hand. At first glance, it doesn't seem to be threatening at all, and it doesn't possess the grandiosity that tends to be displayed by other well-known, powerful weapons we already know from Marvel.

As we already stated, Marvel stated that the Nullifier comes from unknown origins. However, it was later revealed by Galactus himself that the weapon was a part of him, so perhaps that's why it's such an effective and powerful thing of destruction. He's also revealed that he can make the Nullifier answer to him, making it respond to his whim. Perhaps the Ultimate Nullifier is an actual piece of Galactus, making it an actual piece of the Universe. No one really knows, but this seems to be the most likely answer.

4 Is There More Than One?

Officially, no. But apparently, according to the Nova series, you can build an Ultimate Nullifier of your own. The series follows Sam Alexander, who discovers that his father was a member of the Nova Corps. Sam eventually activates his father's helmet, which grants him the same powers he had, thus beginning an adventure where the young Sam ventures into space to try and find his father.

He eventually finds out that Titus, a former friend of Sam's father, was now the leader of the evil Chitauri, and had plans to build an Ultimate Nullifier himself. Sam fought against Titus and actually used the Nullifier on him, thus ending the threat Titus presented to the Universe. He eventually returned to the person he believed would be the best choice, Uatu.

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3 How Does It Compare To The Infinity Gauntlet?

This has been a heavy topic of discussion amongst die-hard Marvel fans. It's quite easy to get confused because while the Ultimate Nullifier has been called the most devastating weapon in the universe, many still believe it doesn't match what the Infinity Gauntlet can do. However, others think that the Gauntlet doesn't hold a candle against the Nullifier. So what gives? Is there a right or wrong answer?

Looking at evidence from the comics, we know that when Qasar tried to use the Nullifier against a Magus who possessed an incomplete Infinity Gauntlet, it failed. This shows that, supposedly, one is stronger than the other. However, a case can be made that perhaps Qasar didn't have the right sort of mind to wield the Nullifier. Plus, the Nullifier can erase entire multiverses, and the Gauntlet hasn't been proven to be able to do that. It's a close call, and we would probably need a proper showdown to decide.

2 Who Has Used It?

We already know that Quasar was one of the characters that used the Ultimate Nullifier. It all happened during Infinity War, in an attempt to destroy Magus. This didn't quite end up as expected, with Quasar ending up nullifying himself. Quasar wasn't the only character to use the weapon, though. Morg, one of Galacticus' heralds, also attempted to use it, wiping out Tyrant, Morgan, and Galactus in the process. Of course, Galactus survived somehow.

Reed Richards also had a turn with the Ultimate Nullifier in the midst of a battle between Galactus and Abraxas, a very powerful and dangerous cosmic being. He succeeded in altering reality so that Abraxas could be destroyed. The Mad Titan and the Mindful one can be counted among other characters that have also used the Nullifier.

1 Can It Be Destroyed?


As far as we know, no one has ever actually tried to destroy the Ultimate Nullifier. What we do know, though, is that it is apparently a part of Galactus. So much so that when Morg used it, Galactus managed to survive, even though he went mad. Could this mean that the two are indestructible? Or that both have to perish in order to obliterate both?

Another interesting question could be posed; is it possible that the Infinity Gauntlet could destroy the Nullifier? Even though no one's tried, it seems very much possible. Or even better; use the weapon to Nullify itself—that seems like an interesting plot twist. Both these instances have shown no signs of being impossible, and seem like the most probable avenues to eventually destroy the Ultimate Nullifier.

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