Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 to include Iron Fist

Today the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 website revealed another playable character for the upcoming video game -- Iron Fist:

"We wanted Iron Fist to have his own theme and stick out from other characters," writes Justin Heisler, fusion designer for the game. "His powers and animations were strongly influenced by his martial arts fighting style, and for his powers we focused on moves emphasizing his Chi abilities. This carried through to his Fusion moves: in many of his moves, he leaves mystic symbols after major impacts, and even sometimes when he’s moving at accelerated speeds."

The game is a loose adaptation of Marvel's Civil War storyline, and narrative designer Alex Kerr notes that during the event, Iron Fist was wearing Daredevil's costume. "... our game is sort of a 'What If?' take on the Marvel Civil War," he said.

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