Marvel 2-In-One Is Headed for a Reboot - Maybe

Now that the new Fantastic Four series is upon us, it seems as though Marvel Two-In-One is preparing to take a step back, with Chip Zdarsky hinting in a Reddit AMA that he is preparing to conclude this chapter of the book. According to the writer, the series will be reinvented following the return of Marvel's First Family.

During the AMA, a Reddit user asked Zdarsky whether or not Marvel Two-In-One will continue past November's issue #12, given the fact that the Fantastic Four's return is now in full swing. "We had a lot of discussions about what the book would look like after the FF came back, and ultimately decided that the FF book should have some room to breathe, and that we should work on reinventing Two-In-One," Zdarsky responded.

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"I've written the outline for what comes next and the first issue, and I'm trying to keep it about the relationships between heroes and friends, for some sense of continuity between what we were doing and what's to come next," he added. "We're still figuring out the name for it though, which seems to be the hardest part, weirdly. I don't know if it'll still be called Two-In-One or something else at this point."

Whatever the case may be, the fact remains that there will be some major changes for Zdarsky this year. In this same AMA, he also announced he would exit Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man after next month's issue #310.

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