Marvel Two-in-One Preview Art Teases Fantastic Four Return


Marvel has released the first art for the upcoming Marvel Two-in-One #1 that reunites (some of) the Fantastic Four. The series sees The Thing and the Human Torch working together to try and track down the rest of the team, which was scattered to the wind after the events of Secret Wars. Of course, they run afoul of Doctor Doom, who has been doing his best to be one of the good guys – even going so far as to become the new Iron Man.

The art, which can be viewed over at Comicbook.com, offers a welcomed reintroduction to both The Thing and the Human Torch. Human Torch can be seen casually striding away from a burning, crashed jet as a team of workers attempt to extinguish the flames. Naturally, he doesn’t care about being on fire. He’s the Human Torch, after all.

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Meanwhile, The Thing is getting fancied up beside Spider-Man, and the two have a casual conversation. There’s no lettering in the art, so it’s hard to say exactly what they’re talking about. The next page is quite a change, though. The Thing is still in his tuxedo, but now he’s basically gone to war with Doctor Doom. The two clash, and it doesn’t look like The Thing will be able to hold his own against Doom in a solo bout.

Marvel Two-in-One #1 is an ongoing series that recounts the fate of the Fantastic Four after disbanding. The series is written by Chip Zdarsky with art by Jim Cheung.

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