Marvel tribute book "Heroes" update

[Marvel Comics]Many tribute books have been announced in the days following the Attack on America September 11th. One book that has fans really excited is the Marvel Comics tribute book called "Heroes." Bill Rosemann, the Marketing Communications Manager for Marvel Comics, mentioned it in an interview on September 14th and gave CBR News an update today with a list of the latest contributors.

The book will be a full-color pin-up book, 64 pages, perfect bound and will retail for $3.50. Contributors to the piece are "responding and reflecting on the tragedy in various forms, focusing on all sorts of subjects," said Rosemann.

Profits from this one-shot will go to the Widow's and Children's Fund of the Police Department, Widow's and Children's Fund of the Fire Department, and the Red Cross, according to the Your Man @ Marvel.

The latest list of contributors is:

  • Neal Adams
  • Pierre Andre (inker)
  • Kaare Andrews
  • Chuck Austen
  • Mark Bagley
  • Brian Michael Bendis (text piece)
  • Tim Bradstreet
  • Kurt Busiek (text piece)
  • J. Scott Campbell
  • Joe Casey (text piece)
  • John Cassaday
  • Sean Chen
  • Richard Corben
  • Alan Davis
  • Tom Derenick
  • Mike Deodato, Jr.
  • Steve Dillon
  • Evan Dorkin
  • Garth Ennis
  • Lee Ferguson
  • Neal Gaiman
  • Dave Gibbons
  • Michael Golden
  • Mike Grell
  • Phil Hester
  • Greg & Tim Hildebrandt
  • Kyle Hotz
  • Stuart Immonen
  • Georges Jeanty
  • Geoff Johns
  • Dan Jurgens
  • Sam Keith

  • Igor Kordey
  • Jim Krueger
  • Adam Kubert
  • Joe Kubert
  • Jae Lee
  • Stan Lee (text piece)
  • David Mack
  • Todd McFarlane (inking Joe's piece)
  • Mike McKone
  • Frank Miller
  • Scott Morse
  • Nelson
  • Peter Pachoumis (inker)
  • George Pérez
  • Paul Pope
  • Alberto Porticelli
  • Joe Quesada
  • Humberto Ramos
  • Robin Riggs (inking Alan Davis's piece)
  • John Romita, Sr.
  • Alex Ross
  • Steve Rude
  • Ethan Van Sciver
  • Bill Sienkiewicz
  • Gail Simone (text piece)
  • Kevin Smith (text piece)
  • Brian Stelfreeze
  • Bruce Timm
  • Sal Velluto
  • Doug Wheatley
  • J.H. Williams III
  • Phil Winslade

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