Marvel Releases New Trailer for War of the Realms

Marvel Comics has unveiled a new trailer for its upcoming War of the Realms crossover event.

The video, which was first shown at the publisher's Marvel Comics: War of the Realms panel at C2E2 in Chicago, features writer Jason Aaron, Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski and editor Wil Moss talking about the upcoming event. Aaron talks about both the plot of the event -- which he's been setting up for a very long time -- and why he has enjoyed writing the book. "War of the Realms is truly one of the most beautiful comics I think we've ever produced," said Cebulski. "It's going to be the most beautiful thing you've ever seen put on paper."

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War of the Realms brings together heroes from across the Marvel Universe to fight back against invading forces from across the Ten Realms and against the forces of Malekith, which have claimed control of the Earth. The series will feature a lot of several variant covers, though the main cover for War of the Realms #1 is by Arthur Adams and Matthew Wilson.

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Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman's War of the Realms #1 is scheduled to go on sale April 3 from Marvel Comics.

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