Marvel toots Greg's Horn with 'Elektra'

Elektra Lithograph

Last chance to discover Greg Horn before more or less every Marvel Comics fan becomes aware of him this July, when he teams up with one of comics' hottest writers on the new "Elektra" monthly series.

"I am currently the series cover artist," Horn told the Comic Wire on Wednesday. "The books are written by Brian Bendis and illustrated by Chuck Austen."

Horn is also doing an Elektra lithograph which "will ship to stores in July, along with 'Elektra' #1."

Marvel readers who aren't familiar with Horn's "J.U.D.G.E" series, published by Image Comics have likely still seen his work, on the covers of the company's recent series of reprint paperbacks.

"Joe [Quesada] got me the cover assignment for Marvel's Backpack series. From there I did the covers to X-men reprints. I think I really started hitting my stride at this point and when the 'Elektra' project was started, I was commissioned for the covers."

This isn't without its complications however: There has been a mention here or there that Elektra was, well, dead, killed by a little-known writer named Frank Miller.

"Man, this is tough," Horn said. "The comics purist side of me hates it when they bring back the dead. It lessens the impact of future deaths. The only way a character should rise from the grave is as a mindless, green cadaver that says nothing but 'need more braaains ... braaaaaaiinns.' But, on the other hand, Elektra is my all-time favorite female hero and if there ever was a character worthy of reanimation, I'd say she was the one.

"Marvel is always killing off great characters -- I'm still pissed since they knocked off Turner D. Century."

Horn's previous series, his creator-owned "J.U.D.G.E.," featured a very sexy lead character, whereas some might see his Elektra as somewhat less of a sensual figure. Horn doesn't see it that way, though.

"I think it's all psychological. I portrayed Victoria with much less revealing attire than Elektra -- Vic was wearing long pants and all Elektra's got is a sash blowing in the wind and no evidence of panties whatsoever. Maybe Victoria's outfit leaves more to the imagination ... Beau?"

(I take the fifth on this one.)

If you're wondering what happened to Horn's last announced big project, the Warren Ellis-scripted follow-up to the first "J.U.D.G.E." series, "December," Horn say the book "is on hold for now, but not dead."

Horn is also working on two Lady Death/Witchblade paintings for Dynamic Forces.

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