Marvel to release 'Big Thunder Mountain Railroad' Disney comic

Marvel will launch a five-part miniseries next spring based on the Disney Parks roller coaster Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Teased Saturday with posters at the Disneyland and a Magic Kingdom attractions before an official announcement, the comic is the third series in the Disney Kingdoms line, following Seekers of the Weird and Figment.

Written by Dennis Hopeless and illustrated by Tigh Walker, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is set in "a Gold Rush town where daring men and women were in a daily battle between man and mountain." There's also the promise of earthquakes, floods and, of course, dynamite-chewing goats."

“This action-packed story by writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Tigh Walker will feature the never-before-told saga of how the gold mine in Big Thunder Mountain became the haunted legend it is today," Disney Kingdoms editor Bill Rosemann said in a statement.

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