Marvel to publish supersize Hardcovers

Official Press Release

Responding to the growing demand for hardcover volumes, Marvel is launchinga monthly line of supersize prestige format collections. The first wave ofcoffee-table book volumes, hitting stores in March 2002, includes thefollowing:


Includes never-before seen bonus material!

First it made headlines! Then it shocked all that read it! Now the instantclassic by Paul Jenkins and Andy Kubert is collected in a deluxe edition!Who is Wolverine? How did he get his name? What tragic events made him theman he is today? It's the greatest story we've never told ó and the perfectaddition to bookshelves of mutant maniacs of all ages! And it includes coversketches by Joe Quesada, character sketches by Andy Kubert, story proposalsby Paul Jenkins, and much, much more!

176 pages, $29.95, on sale March 27th

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN Includes never-before seen bonus material!

The Spider-Man movie is coming! Hey, retailers: This is the best collectionyou can hand new customers that want more Spidey! Hey, readers: this is thegreatest collection of the Spidey book that you love! Hey, everybody: thisis the book you can give to show people why you love comics! ReprintingULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #1 - #13 in it's full-color glory, now in an upscalekeepsake format! And it includes cover and character sketches by MarkBagley, story ideas and plots by Brian Michael Bendis, and much, much more!

352 Pages, $34.95, on sale March 13th


Think Frank just drew Daredevil for Marvel? Think again, True Believer!Feast you eyes on his take on the wall-crawler (and the Punisher... and Dr.Octopus... and Dr. Doom... and the Fantastic Four) as we collect SPECTACULARSPIDER-MAN #27 and #28, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #14 and #15, MARVELTEAM-UP ANNUAL #4, and MARVEL TEAM-UP #100 in one prestige volume!

216 pages, $29.95, on sale March 20th

"From the Ultimate line to the 100-Page Monsters to poster books to MarveldotComics to black-and-white weekly books, The House continues to introducenew ways to deliver our world-famous characters," said Marvel's MarketingCommunications Manager Bill Rosemann. "And in this case, retailers know thatthis is a format that has a pre-existing audience that wants their favoritecomics in an upscale format. I just wish we had done this when I was a kid!I mean, this would have been my entire Christmas list!"

You can learn more about Marvel -- and even read free Marvel DotComics -- at www.marvel.com!

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