Marvel to publish <i>Stephen King's N.</i> comic

Marvel announced yesterday that they will adapt Stephen King's N., a short story that appeared in the author's latest collection, Just After Sunset, into a four-issue mini-series.

The story also appeared online as a motion comic last year, which was co-produced by Marvel. Writer Marc Guggenheim and artist Alex Maleev will turn the story of "something terrifying hidden in Ackerman's Field" into a comic.

"It's absolutely thrilling for Marvel to be working on 'N.' again and having the honor to publish it as a comic book miniseries," said said Ruwan Jayatilleke, Marvel senior vice president of development & planning, print, animation and digital media. "Both as a fan of the story and a producer on the 'N.' motion comic, I am absolutely psyched for the terrifying ride that Marc, Alex, and the editors have planned for readers!"

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