Marvel to publish must-have edition of 'Truth: red, white & black #1'

Press Release

Knowing that the debut issue of TRUTH: RED, WHITE & BLACK will sell out,Marvel is publishing a MARVEL MUST-HAVE edition of the highly-anticipated comic book just one week after it goes on sale. Confident of demand -- due to a mainstream media blitz of coverage in newspapers across America, including USA Today -- Marvel is committing to a print run of 15,000 copies of this patriotic-themed collection.

With Captain America's popularity at an all-time high, this 96-page edition will also contain THE ULTIMATES #1, by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch, and Marvel Knight's CAPTAIN AMERICA #1, by John Ney Reiber and John Cassaday. With a retail value of $9.74, TRUTH: RED, WHITE & BLUE -- THE MARVEL MUST-HAVE EDITION will be priced at only $3.99.

On sale November 27th, TRUTH: RED, WHITE & BLUE -- THE MARVEL MUST-HAVEEDITION is available for order right now through Diamond ComicsDistributors.

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