Marvel to publish G.I. Joe and Transformers Trade Paperbacks

[Note: This story was original revealed in CBR's coverage of the Diamond Comics Retailer Summit.]

Official Press Release

Yo Joe! Marvel has reached an agreement with Hasbro to publish a line oftrade paperbacks reprinting The House's hit comic books based on the G.I.Joe and Transformers properties. The two series will go on sale in Apriland, based upon retailer and reader demand, will continue either on abi-monthly or quarterly basis.

"Given Hasbro's relaunch of G.I. Joe and Transformers as toys, and thecurrent fascination with all things from the 1980s, it made sense for Marvelto collect these series," stated Director - Publishing Operations BobGreenberger. "After all, writer Larry Hama did a lot of development work onthis incarnation of the Joes that was used both on the animated series andthe toy line. There's some great material there and it's well worthcollecting."

"It's official: we've reached '80s Nirvana," added Marvel's MarketingCommunications Manager Bill Rosemann. "An entire generation of readersdiscovered comic books because of these two series, including many of ushere at Marvel! Now, instead of digging through our dog-eared back issues,all of us can relive the battles between the Joes, Cobra, the Autobots andthe Decepticons in handy new trade paperbacks! From t-shirts to DVDs to newtoy lines and cartoon, the Joe/Transformers renaissance is upon us. And atlong last, the final piece of the puzzle is in place!"

The trade paperbacks will be sold through Diamond Comics Distributors andwill soon be available at comic book specialty stores and mass-marketoutlets. Now you know where you can buy these great collections... andknowing is half the battle!

Bill Rosemann

Marketing Communications Manager

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