Marvel to Introduce Quarter Comics: Initiative Begins with January Bendis 'Daredevil' Arc

[Daredevil #41]Following on the heels of the successes that both DC and Marvel Comics have seen with 9 and 10 cent comic promotions in the past year, Marvel announced Thursday that it would be using special 25 cent pricing to promote a number of comics in 2003, beginning with "Daredevil" #41 in January.

"The most effective way to attract new readers to our best books is to simply lower the price point on entry-point issues," Marvel's chief information officer Gui Karyo is quoted as saying in a press release issued Thursday. The release also credits Karyo with the initial "Quarter Comics" idea. "We're confident that once they sample our top titles they'll be back for more the very next month."

"Daredevil" #41, scheduled for release on January 8, two weeks for the release of #42, kicks off a new storyline. "Lowlife" is written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Alex Maleev.

"I couldn't be happier that this issue is getting this extra push," Bendis is quoted as saying in the release. "I know a lot of people have heard that Daredevil's secret identity has been 'outed' in the New York City tabloids, and starting with this issue everyone will get a look at what it is we're doing with the premise and why we're all excited about the direction of the series."

The decision to make this first Quarter Comic be January's "Daredevil" isn't hard to guess.

"Timing wise, this 25 cent issue couldn't come at a more appropriate moment, with the 'Daredevil' movie set to open on February 14th. I can't think of a better Valentine's Day gift to fans and retailers alike," editor in chief Joe Quesada is quoted as saying in the release. "Oh, and speaking of Valentine's Day, I hear that Matt Murdock may be bumping into his next great love in this one as well, so it's sure to be a landmark issue."

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