Marvel to be profiled on 60 Minutes II Wednesday 10/30

[60 Miunutes 2]Marvel Comics announced today that tonight's edition of the TV news magazine 60 Minutes II will include a feature segment on the publisher. Correspondent Bob Simon has interviewed Joe Quesada, Bill Jemas and Avi Arad to discuss Marvel's successful rebirth, concentrating on the success of the "Spider-Man" movie and what impact it's had on the entire comic book industry and more specifically how it's affected the future of Marvel itself.

"I remember watching 60 Minutes habitually with my father as a kid," stated Quesada in a release. "I used to watch how they would bust crooked businessmen and investigate corrupt world leaders. And I used to think to myself, 'Man, the last thing anyone wants to get is a call from 60 Minutes saying we'd like to have a moment of your time.' This, of course, is different, and the greatestsatisfaction to me -- outside of the fact that they're doing a piece on comic books -- is that I know that my dad will get to see it!

"They interviewed me for hours, and I did a lot of talking about comics in general. One of the things that I told the producer that I wanted to get across was that this is a boom time for the entire industry. Yes, this is a boom time for Marvel, but there's some great stuff happening everywhere. It's the same speech I give whenever I'm on one of these shows: comic books are not just a kids medium."

The interview can be seen on 60 Minutes II tonight at 8:00 PM EST on CBS. Check your local listing for the channel in your area.

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