Marvel TL;DR Conjures Doctor Strange: The Oath in Under Four Minutes

With the success of Marvel Studios' “Doctor Strange," there's perhaps never been a better time to be a fan of the Master of the Mystic Arts. But years before the film went into development, and before Stephen Strange's current comic book resurgence, there was a miniseries that not only helped to redefine the relationship between the Sorcerer Supreme and Wong, but also teamed the duo with none other than Night Nurse.

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“Doctor Strange: The Oath," the 2007 miniseries by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Marco Martin, was critically acclaimed. However, if you're a relative newcomer to the character, you may best recognize it as the trade collection Benedict Cumberbatch posed with in a photo during an April 2016 visit to a New York City comic store while wearing full "Doctor Strange' makeup and costume.

If you're looking for another connection to the movie, "The Oath" also introduced physician (and Stephen Strange rival) Nicodemus West, portrayed in "Doctor Strange" by actor Michael Stuhlbarg.

For those who may have missed out on the miniseries, or simply want to learn more about it, the latest episode of Marvel’s "TL;DR" animated webseries (written by Max Dweck and Noah Sterling, with art by Jina Noh) breaks down the the comic's story in three and a half minutes.

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