Marvel - The Studio, Teen Titans and Hulk: Comics2Film wrap for July 2, 2003


Will the Hollywood arm of Marvel go from a production shingle to a full-blownstudio? It could happen, according to a piece in today's HollywoodReporter. Although rumors have been circulating for over a year that Marvelis looking to get bought by a major movie studio, the Report indicates thatMarvel has actually emerged as a potential buyer of the ailing ArtisanEntertainment.

Artisan is entering the second round of the auction process but currently hasthree suitors circling for a buy-out.

Marvel Enterprises, who pacted with the mini-studio years ago on a15-charcter agreement, is said to be looking like a likely bidder. According tothe write-up the comic giant stepped into the fray a few weeks ago. Marvel seesArtisan as a path to the home video market and a way to further exploit itscharacters.

Although Marvel sealed a deal with Artisan in 2000 to bring as many as 15 ofits characters to TV and Film, that deal is only now starting to bear fruit asthe $30 million movie "The Punisher" goes into production. Artisan'sfloundering financial situations is one of the reasons so few projects have madeit out of the gate.

Bids on the company are due July 11th. 

Hollywood players Stanley Jaffe and Scott Greenstein are also in contentionfor the studio. Greenstein topped USA Films while Jaffe ran the show atParamount pictures. They're looking to convert Artisan into a mini-major filmstudio, according to The Reporter.

Steve Rattner's Quadrangle Partners is the third party bidding for Artisan.They'll be looking to merge their recently purchased home-video arm Good TimesEntertainment with Artisan's library.

Artisan previously rejected a bid from Lions Gate Entertainment in the $100million-$110 million range as being too low.



When "Teen Titans" hits the small screen in a few weeks, fans willbe greeted with a funky Jpop theme song by Tokyo-basedduo Puffy AmiYumi.

Singers Ami Onuki and Yumi Yoshimura have enjoyed chart-topping success inJapan, and began their crossover to the U.S. last year with their compilationdisc "An Illustrated History."

Their new album "NICE" features "Teen TitansTheme," an English-language track created for the new CartoonNetwork series. The track is said to be "a shout-along instant classic that somehowmanages to blend the spy-movie cool of Johnny Rivers' 'Secret AgentMan' with the adolescent excitement of the Bay City Rollers' 'SaturdayNight.'"

Titans fans can hear a sample of the track playing as the opening of theCartoon Network's officialTeen Titans website. "Teen Titans" makes its debut Saturday, July19, at 9 p.m. (ET, PT).



It's more bad news for "The Hulk" according to today's Variety.When the pic opens in Germany it'll be on fewer screens than hoped-for due to aboycott by the territory's second largest exhibitor Cinemaxx. 

The theater chain is up in arms over distributor United InternationalPictures' new pricing scheme and refuses to show Marvel's blockbuster in itsfirst week of release. Cinemaxx may screen the movie in its second round. 



The"Daredevil" DVD is due in stores July 29th, but Comics2Film and 20thCentury Fox are giving you the chance to claim your own copy for free!

Fox is providing us with five copies of the 2-disc set to passon to you, the faithful reader.

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Comics2Filmhas teamed up with Devil'sDue Publishing to give fan artists a chance to see their artwork inprint. 

We're looking for a few good pencil and inkgurus to work up a faux cover for the "G.I. Joe" comic. The top threeentries will be published in the pages of upcoming Devil's Due comics.

We'vejust launched the contest, so there's still plenty of time to enter. Click overto the Comics2Film.comwebsite for complete details and official rules. Then draw that cover!


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