Marvel temporarily shuts down EPIC submissions

Late Friday Marvel announced that due to an overwhelming response the company has, for the moment, suspended their open call for submissions for the EPIC comics line. The EPIC comics line was an initiative realized by Marvel's Bill Jemas as a means to give previously unknown talent the opportunity to write for Marvel. Originally the line was to support creator-owned publication as well, a policy which was soon changed after the launch. Mark Millar's "Trouble" remains the only creator-owned property published through EPIC.

The full text of Marvel's press release is reprinted below.

Due to the continuing overwhelming response to its EPIC Comics opensubmissions call, Marvel Comics is temporarily suspending acceptance of anynew EPIC submissions.

"The response has simply been incredible, and because of the high volume ofpitches we're still receiving, we're no longer going to be able to evaluatethem and respond to aspiring creators in a fair and reasonable time frame,"explained EPIC editor Teresa Focarile. "Creators who have taken the time andenergy to go through the submission process are entitled to a timelyresponse.

"Now that we realize the level of response and the kind of commitment theseprojects require, we are going to restructure the EPIC process across alleditorial offices and implement some new procedures that will hopefully haveus back on track before too long."

"Meanwhile, the early results have been extremely positive, and we'vealready found new talent whose Epic projects fans will not only see in 2004,but who are also working on and pitching for projects within the regularMarvel editorial offices, like John Jackson Miller, writer of his own EPICseries Crimson Dynamo and premiering this month as the new regular IRON MANwriter."

While new EPIC Comics submissions are no longer being accepted for now,Marvel reminds creators that they ARE STILL looking for new writers on anongoing basis, and the standard submission options are still in place.Details can be found at Marvel.com athttp://www.marvel.com/about/submissions_guide.

In addition to getting the opportunity to pitch for new projects, writersfound though this process may also be showcased in two new, ongoingbimonthly titles premiering in early 2004 - SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED and X-MENUNLIMITED. Each title will feature 2 stories debuting new writers teamedwith established artists telling stories about Marvel's biggest icons.

"We're still seeking and developing new talent and have created showcasesjust for these new writers, and just for the time being we're scaling downthe EPIC process to give aspiring creators the attention and professionalresponse they merit," concluded Focarile.

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