Marvel Television Auctions Daredevil's Costume, Elektra's Sai & More

Marvel’s Netflix shows might be gone, but fans don’t have to say goodbye just yet: an upcoming prop auction will give them an opportunity to own a piece of Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist forever.

Prop Store has announced the first-ever auction for the Marvel Television properties, with over 750 lots to bid on, including original costumes, props and set decorations. Among the items already listed are Daredevil’s suit and baton, Elektra’s sai, Luke Cage’s bullet-riddled hoodie and the Swear Jar from Pop’s Barber Shop, as well as Colleen Wing’s sword, Iron Fist’s mask and Misty Knight’s bionic arm, with many more to be announced.

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Each item will include a certificate of authenticity from both Marvel and Prop Store.

“Marvel created ground-breaking television with the shows featuring their ‘Street Level Heroes’ including Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist,” Chuck Costas, Vice President of Business Development & Operations for Prop Store, said in a statement. “The shows were true to their comic book roots, and fans can now celebrate these shows and appreciate the art that went into creating them by owning a real piece of their production.”

“The props and costumes created for these series are the living embodiment of the comics come to life,” said Mike Pasciullo, Senior Vice President, Marvel Marketing and Communications. “We’re happy to work with Prop Store to give fans this unique opportunity to own authentic iconic mementos that were used to create these beloved Marvel shows.”

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There will be a live auction at the Prop Store facility in Los Angeles County, as well as an opportunity to bid online or by phone. The auction is currently scheduled for August 2019, with bidding beginning in July.

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