Marvel Television Narrows Choices of Actors for Luke Cage, Jessica Jones

UPDATE 11/20/14 10:55 AM PT: The lists of contenders for the roles of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage have reportedly each grown by one: Deadline has updated their original story to state that Marin Ireland, star of recently canceled WE tv series "The Divide," is also testing for Jessica Jones, along with the previously reported Krysten Ritter, Alexandra Daddario, Teresa Palmer and Jessica De Gouw. Additionally, Cleo Anthony -- who this year appeared in "Transparent" and "Divergent" -- is reportedly under consideration for Luke Cage; along with Lance Gross and Mike Colter.

Marvel Television declined comment on the reports when reached by CBR News.

Deadline reported Wednesday that Marvel is testing actors for the leading roles of its "Jessica Jones" and "Luke Cage" television collaborations with Netflix.

Krysten Ritter, Alexandra Daddario, Teresa Palmer and Jessica De Gouw are all reported to have tested for the leading role of Jessica Jones, while Lance Gross and Mike Colter are two actors under consideration for Luke Cage, who is reported to appear in six or seven episodes of "Jessica Jones" before headlining his own "Luke Cage" series.

Fans of comic book-based TV shows will likely be most familiar with De Gouw, who has appeared as Helena Bertinelli/The Huntress on "Arrow." Ritter is best known for her roles on "Don't Trust the B--- in Apt. 23" and "Breaking Bad," Daddario recently played Lisa Tragnetti on HBO's "True Detective" and Palmer was the female lead in 2013 zombie comedy "Warm Bodies."

As for the two actors said to be under consideration for Luke Cage, Lance Gross is one of the main actors in NBC's "Crisis," while Mike Colter has appeared on "The Good Wife" and "American Horror Story."

"Jessica Jones" is the second drama of four in the Marvel/Netflix deal with reports placing Melissa Rosenberg as showrunner. The series centers on the eponymous character, a retired costume superhero-turned jaded private investigator. In the source material, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage started a romantic relationship, had a child and were married.

"We are very aware of the idea that a number of the people who watch the show are going to binge-watch it," Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb told CBR in October of "Daredevil," the first Marvel/Netflix series, set to debut in 2015. "For them, it will feel like one massive 13-part epic adventure. But it is not that unlike when in the world of comics, a new team comes on to tell an arc -- that arc is a self-contained, beautifully told story that has a particular point of view. Hopefully our driving momentum makes you want to pick up the next issue; or in this case, the next episode."

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