Marvel Teases Zeb Wells Return to Spider-Man with Joe Madueira

After teasing a Joe Madureira illustrated Wolverine story earlier this week, Marvel adds fuel to the speculation fire today with the release of a Joe Mad! drawn Spider-Man and the tagline "Get Wells! (soon)," an obvious indication that writer Zeb Wells is set to return alongside his "Avenging Spider-Man" collaborator.

"I was up late last night writing some pages for Joe Mad and Steve Wacker," Wells told CBR last December of his comics hiatus. "I kind of got swallowed up by this season of 'Robot Chicken.' This was the first season I directed, and it's a full-time job that there's not enough hours in the day to get it done. It kind of swallowed up the year, I sort of disappeared in that vortex."

Judging by the image below, fans don't have much longer to wait before Wells is back in a big way.

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